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Yes, We Do, Mike

Someone from the Chron tweeted yesterday that 355 square miles of Harris County was covered by water. If that’s the case, that’s a fifth of Harris County since we have a total of 1,777 square miles – I think.

I hope you are part of the four-fifths.

Chron columnist Mike Snyder tweeted this about his column yesterday:

Column: Will Harvey prompt local leaders to challenge assumptions about development?

Here is his column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/greater-houston/article/Will-Harvey-be-the-storm-that-leads-to-new-12116535.php?t=f23f1b4365.

Here is how Snyder’s column starts:

Even before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, the chorus of online scolding had begun.

“Houston will pay a high price for paving over its flood plains with sprawl,” Kriston Capps, a writer for CityLab, tweeted Friday afternoon as forecasters struggled to come up with adjectives — unprecedented, unimaginable, apocalyptic — to describe the deluge expected in the Houston area.

It’s tough to capture nuance in 140 characters, and Capps’ tweet failed to convey the complexity of the factors that make Greater Houston vulnerable to catastrophic floods. The role of development, however, is worthy of attention because, at least theoretically, we have the power to do something about it.

Then Snyder tweeted this:

Several readers say analysis like this inappropriate while flood still raging. Do you agree?

I disagree. Somebody needs to be talking about it. I was glad to see on Channel 2 Monday NBC’s Lester Holt and Channel 2’s Bill Balleza talking about how we have gone about developing in the H-Town area.

In the last couple of years, we have had three once in a kazillion years killer storms and the folks in charge blame it on too much rain and the rain doesn’t have any place to go. Duh? That’s the problem. Let’s figure out a plan on how to make sure there is a place for all this rain to go. Or this is going to keep happening. I know we can’t control the weather. But we shouldn’t stop at that. We can control what happens to the rain once it gets here.   That is going to require tough decisions and pi__ing off some folks, many of them current property owners. It is either that or waiting to get rolled by the next Harvey, Tax Day, Memorial Day, or whatever name we give it.

H-Town’s property owners did their part back in 2010 when we voted for the drainage fee. Do something, please!

FYI: Commentary worked on the Rebuild H-Town campaign.

I was having a discussion yesterday with a former elected official who I respect a ton. We were talking about last week’s “fake” memo that supposedly said a lot of what happened the last few days actually happened. I have not seen the memo.

Some folks are going to be justifiably asking if our leadership gave out enough info so folks could decide what to do other than stocking up on food, water, batteries, and booze.   Like the kind of info to help you decide whether you wanted to stay not, or would that kind of info create panic? I don’t know.

I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I live in a part of the Heights that if I ever get flooded, that’s going to be when H-Town is a total goner. My Dad’s house in Baytown next to Goose Creek came out ok. So did the homes of my niece, goddaughter, and Best Friend. Tens of thousands if not more were not so lucky. It is because of them that we need this discussion.

Joel Osteen’s reputation took a big hit yesterday. How does that happen?

Check this from NPR: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/29/547035773/after-pressure-mounts-joel-osteen-says-his-houston-megachurch-is-open-to-evacuee.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Commentary is Ok with the New York and New Jersey members of Congress from both sides of the aisle saying they will support aid for the Harvey victims and at the same time reminding us that clowns like Sen. Ted Cruz would not help out victims of Sandy back in 2012.

Greg Koch is a former Green Bay Packer and Razorback, a lawyer, and local sports talk show host.   He is also entertaining. He tweeted this in reaction to CNN running a story on the decision not to evacuate H-Town.

Can your network just go back and create new fake news…we have work to do and d ont need your decisive bullsh_t!

I tweeted to him the Fox News story on the decision not to evacuate H-Town.

He didn’t say sh_t.

Saturday was the last day I had a Chron delivered. Nothing today.

If at all possible, let’s see if we can bring MLB baseball to The Yard this weekend. Come home, ‘Stros.

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