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We got clobbered this weekend. It was and is brutal. This is my city and it hurts today.

If you live in the H-Town region and don’t know anyone who has been impacted, you are a very lonely person or just got here.

My niece and goddaughter are currently sweating out rising water in their yard or street. Others are without power.

My Dad’s medical appointment was cancelled today. Channel 11 flooded yesterday and was off the air for most of the afternoon. And on and on and on.

Commentary said this back in June:

Greg Abbott will go down in history as one of the worse governors in Texas history. He certainly earned it.

Abbott is a totally classless act. He didn’t have any business Friday telling folks from H-Town to hit the road and evacuate. Somebody needs to teach that fella how to be governor. Dude must have fallen asleep during the eulogy part of Gov. Mark White’s memorial service. Totally clueless.

For whatever reason, we are not good at evacuations. Discipline, sprawl, coordination, patience, plus, we don’t practice them.   We tried it twelve years ago and it ended up being a man-made disaster.

NBC News, the Trib, and the Daily Beast, to name a few, have put out stories on the decision not to evacuate. And a few talking heads have thrown in their two cents.   This isn’t debatable. Like I said, we are not good at evacuations.

Here is the Trib piece: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/08/27/why-not-evacuate-harvey-houston-leaders-defend-their-calls-stay-put/.

I drove around my ‘hood yesterday and with the exception of a couple of convenience stores, a noodle house, and a Jack-in-the-Box, nothing was open.

Also, not debatable is where the ‘Stros will play the next three. Putting on a MLB regular season game is a major undertaking.   You have to have folks that handle concessions, tickets, ushers, and security. Plus, getting in and out of Downtown is questionable.   We can’t handle this right now. Play the next three in Arlington.

No MLB question today. Take care and stay safe.

No Chron delivered yesterday or today.

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