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E-Board and Petitions

E-Board and Petitions

Last season, the ‘Stros ended up with five players hitting more than 100 base hits. How many have more than 100 this season?

A few folks chuckled at this post on our Next Door yesterday:

Does the city of Houston provide free sand bags.

New to the area and with the current storm on the way I was wondering if the City of Houston has places we can go to fill up sandbags.

Can’t fault them for wanting to be prepared. Are you?

Commentary is glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks the City of H-Town’s petition process is flawed. See how the Chron E-Board ends one of their takes today:

We’ve said before that we believe parity is bad public policy. Just because police and firefighters wear badges and uniforms and drive around in vehicles equipped with sirens doesn’t mean there’s a direct equivalence between their jobs. If there’s a crime wave, putting parity in the city charter could hamstring a future mayor struggling to spend more money on police.

Still, the process that kept this referendum off the ballot is flawed and it needs to change. Every petition for a referendum must be processed by the city secretary’s office, which conducts the time-consuming task of confirming how many people signing their names are actually registered Houston voters. In this case, City Secretary Anna Russell is following her longstanding practice of verifying voter petitions in the order in which they’re delivered to her office. She says her staff, in addition to its regular duties, has been dealing with another petition on pension reform delivered to City Hall earlier this year. Nothing in any city ordinance or state law sets a deadline for processing those petitions. As a result, neither of these issues will appear on the November ballot.

Our mayor and city council need to straighten this out. They need to set clearly defined timelines for processing petitions delivered to the city secretary’s office. If citizens like the firefighters want an issue to appear on the November ballot, they need to know a deadline for submitting petitions. That’s only fair, and it’s the only way to avoid accusations that the mayor and city secretary are playing fast and loose with election rules.

We probably haven’t seen the last of the firefighters’ parity pay plan. Assuming they gathered enough valid petition signatures to require a referendum, we’ll see it on the ballot next year. But unless our city sets clearly defined timelines for processing petitions, firefighters won’t be the last people to think they’ve been cheated out of their place on the ballot.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Off-the-ballot-11953935.php.

This tweet is asking folks to vote on a campaign promise:

ANTONIO ARELLANO‏Verified account @AntonioArellano

Should @SylvesterTurner keep campaign promise & issue Municipal IDs to all Houstonians, regardless of their immigration status?


Folks certainly know my feeling on this. It was a bad idea during the campaign. Playing to the crowd doesn’t always work.

The ‘Stros have seven players who have more than 100 base hits this season with Carlos Beltran sitting on 96 of course.

We won last night and are still four games up on the Red Sox with 36 to go.


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