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Why Stop at One?

So, some GOPers want to make the GOP Texas House Speaker the litmus test in the 2018 GOP State House primaries. I got it. That might work.

Check this from the Chron:

A  Texas lawmaker wants the University of Texas at Austin to give him the statue of a former governor that was removed from campus Sunday night along with three others representing the Confederacy.

State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, (R)-Angleton, sent a letter to the university calling the removal of James Stephen Hogg, Texas’ first native-born governor, “disrespectful.”

“[West Columbia] Mayor Laurie Kincannon and the citizens of West Columbia join me in expressing our disapointment in your decision, which has cast a negative light on a prominent and respected figure in Texas history,” Bonnen wrote. “Given the contributions to our state from Governor Hogg and the findings of the Task Force, I find the ‘so it all goes together’ argument wholly inadequate, dismissive, and disrespectful.”

Why not ask for all of the statues? Why stop at one? I wonder if all of the West Columbians feel the same way?

Who leads the ‘Stros in RBIs?

Steve Houston weighs in again here:

The mayoral election where King lost and Turner won showed every single candidate taking a stance on pensions as part of their platform but King had made it his number one issue for years prior and only diversified into other areas when Houston voters showed they just weren’t interested enough to elect King on that alone. Ask a random sample of voters for King’s key points and pension reform would likely be the sole talking point most of them (not including his base supporters like Marc) remember, the guy filling column after column of the Chronicle’s op-ed page driven largely on that one issue. I know Marc’s been his supporter for a long time now but the fact remains that King tied himself to the pension issue above all else for so long that Turner’s actual progress on the issue forces King to try and find traction somewhere else.

As far as the petition for pay parity is concerned, again, if you wait until just before a deadline to submit signatures, you deserve what you get; the firefighters themselves will tell you how many years they have gone without significant pay raises so why not submit a petition before now. Some form of public safety pay parity existed in the not so distant past yet they sat on their hands complaining but not taking action to revive it until just before the deadline, knowing full well that the other petition was in the process of being counted so the clock would run out. Keep in mind that they hired professionals well versed in the law surrounding election law, even the former city attorney they vilified for years, so the faux display of shock their proposal wouldn’t make it on this Fall’s ballot rings hollow. So buy the argument or don’t but suggesting the counting could’ve been done as in past petitions that were submitted in much more timely fashion is just an example of comparing apples to oranges. Is there a reason to suggest the people signing the 401k petition were any less deserving than those signing the parity petition? And why not complain to the state legislature that enacted the petition language years before unless it’s not about denying voters a chance to vote on petitions but about personal interests, the previous silence on counting signatures from firefighters speaking volumes about it as a general issue.

We are going to disagree on the petition process. That is all I will say about that.

Bill King can certainly defend himself. I will say that it is safe to say that Bill King was a well-versed candidate in the mayoral race – on pensions, city finances, crime stats, and core city issues. No one can deny that.

Commentary watched Donald Trump last night. All I will say is shame on folks who continue to defend this fella. You have no cred with me.

Marwin Gonzalez of course has 72 RBIs to lead the ‘Stros.

Our lead over the Red Sox is now 4.

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