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Erasing Fake History

Name the only MLBer with over 100 RBIs?

If Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have a problem with Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, they should get their arses out to San Antonio and beat him in next year’s GOP Primary. Recruit a candidate and each donate a million from their campaign account. They have it. They have six months. That ought to be plenty of time. Commentary is thinking it is all talk.

Please! Removing a Johnny Reb statue is not erasing history. Don’t even let the Johnny Reb supporters argue this point with you. Tell them to take a picture and save it on their iCloud. The other thing is, tell them to learn the correct history. Why were these statues erected in the first place?   Erasing history? That is the most stupid argument – period.

The H-Town Mayor wants some city employees to assess the city’s Confederate statue situation. I don’t know what there is to assess. To me you point to it, bring in a crew, and remove the sucker. Pretty simple.

This has been made a whole lot easier this morning now that Donald Trump called the statues “beautiful.”

This is from the Chron E-Board today:

What do those Cabinet members standing beside the ranter-in-chief on Tuesday afternoon do? They looked “stunned and disheartened” themselves, as did the newly installed White House chief of staff, retired Marine General John Kelly.

As a matter of principle, one would expect that Kelly and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and others would resign. Corporate leaders serving on Trump’s executive councils had begun to peel away, before the president disbanded the councils. Perhaps their resignations were born of pragmatism; after all, association with racist proclivities can’t be good for business. Whatever the motive, their departure delivered a message.


Really?   Sure, like we are going to see Rick Perry resign. Perry and others like him knew exactly who they went to work for.

Steve Houston sent this:

Again, there are not that many people associated with these groups to secure anything, never mind a presidential nomination. They just don’t amount to a blip on the political map in term of numbers these days, any support they give leading to far greater numbers of people less likely to support a candidate. The clown circus known as the GOP primaries were more a process of elimination showing candidates trying to get traction in individual states, most running out of resources as they bounced around the country.trying to convince primary voters they were the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

Realistically, there are said to be well under 10 thousand members of the KKK, a group that used to number in the millions. True nazis or “neo-nazis” are also a small band of misfits spewing their hatred to tiny audiences, when was the last time they marched to a crowd that didn’t outnumber them 10 to 1 or more? And actual white supremacists, not the garden variety bigots we’ve all encountered over the years but someone who believes strong enough in his cause to actually march in public or take some affirmative action promoting his cause?!? There just aren’t enough to matter in a nationwide political contest.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous, nor does it mean they should go unchecked, all hate groups should be stood up to, but empowering them by suggesting their influence nominates presidents or constitutes a large part of a sitting president’s base of support only does them a favor. As far as the statues are concerned, that’s a slippery slope. To some out there, every statue of George Washington, the “Father of our country”, amounts to a reminder how millions were brought here in chains as slaves. Every statue to Abe Lincoln represents a power grab by federal authorities over states rights to others, FDR statues symbolize the move towards a handout state, and so forth. Sure, those views are held by relatively small numbers but one man’s hero is another man’s villain; at what point do we draw the line? Are we going to rename cities like Houston as we do schools?

So let the losers march down Main street USA where the vast majority can boo them, marginalize them, and ridicule their outdated beliefs. Leave the statues up as historical reminders of how crazy some people were in years past, not as symbols of worship but as examples of how far we’ve moved forward. And either stop naming schools and buildings after people altogether or leave them be to start reasoned discussions.

What is the over/under for the Houston Firefighters getting their petitions validated? So much for dancing with who brung you.

Nolan Arenado of the Rockies leads MLB with 103 RBIs of course.

We won last night. We still have a five-game lead on the Red Sox. We would have to go 26-16 the rest of the way to reach 100.

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