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Giving Cover to Bigots

“President Trump needs to listen to the people before he takes this presidency in a place that is not acceptable for our country.” – GOP Ohio Governor John Kasich on “Today” show this morning.

Nope! Nope! Donald Trump took it there yesterday.

Commentary said this yesterday:

I watched Donald Trump read his statement yesterday. You know he just hated to read it. Most times he enjoys telling a lie.

Well that didn’t last long. He took it all back yesterday.

Over the last couple of days, those folks that keep insisting that somehow and some way, “both” sides should take responsibility for the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend are quite simply cowards.

Those that don’t call out Donald Trump for placing blame on “both” sides are quite simply cowards.

If Donald Trump wants to play Bigot-In-Chief and give cover to White Supremacists, the KKK, and Neo-Nazis because they were key to his getting the GOP nomination and winning the election last November, that is his choice.

If folks want to defend him, side with him, work for him, support him, that is their choice if they want to support bigotry. There is no other way to explain this.

And don’t buy into to this crap that his staff was “stunned” and that Trump went “rogue.”  They know who they are working for.  If they want to continue to be part of bigotry, it is their choice.

AP put this out recently:

At AP, we have taken the position that the term “alt-right” should be avoided because it is meant as a euphemism to disguise racist aims. So use it only when quoting someone or when describing what the movement says about itself. Enclose the term “alt-right” in quotation marks or use phrasing such as the so-called alt-right (no quote marks when using the term so-called) or the self-described “alt-right.”

And where does this “alt-left” term crap come from. F__k you! Some of us may be liberal or progressive (Commentary prefers liberal), but we are not wacko or extreme.  We support equality.

Commentary has to be honest with you all. I didn’t know until a couple of days ago that we had a Confederate statue on city property.

Yesterday was pretty dark if you ask me. No MLB talk today.

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