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HISD Caretaker

Name the MLB club with the most roadie wins this season?

Add a sixth HISD race to the mix this year. Voters in HISD District 3 will get to elect a trustee this November. The HISD Board decided to go with a caretaker to fill the current vacancy. That’s a good thing. Here is from the Chron:

In a unanimous closed session vote, the Houston ISD Board of Trustees decided Monday to appoint Jose Leal to the District III seat left vacant after the unexpected death earlier this month of long-time Trustee Manny Rodriguez Jr.

Leal launched his career in education at HISD in 1981. After getting a start in operations and maintenance, he worked as a bilingual teacher at Pugh Elementary, a counselor at Hamilton Middle, a Dean of Students at Johnston Middle and an assistant principal at Wheatley High and North Forest.

Currently, he’s an administrator at HCAN Academies.

“Jose Leal was the only candidate who met the caretaker qualifications the board was looking for in this temporary appointment,” Trustee Wanda Adams said. “The Board would like to thank the other candidates who wanted to volunteer their time.”

Leal will be sworn in at the Board’s next monthly meeting and will serve until a November special election.

Now let’s see if the voters get it right and elect a strong and qualified individual.

Good for A&M for cancelling the White Supremacist rally. Nice job!

Speaking of, Commentary doesn’t have a problem with confederacy statues standing at their own risk. Take them all down!

I watched Donald Trump read his statement yesterday. You know he just hated to read it. Most times he enjoys telling a lie.

How do you feel about this? I am talking about the headline for today’s Chron editorial:

Clean out the White House

Bannon and Gorka must go.

Here is the read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Clean-out-the-White-House-11818595.php.

Commentary prefers that they stay put. The more problems they have, the less likely to carry out their dangerous agenda – just saying.

Steve Houston posted me this today:

I completely agree about Dunkirk, a passable movie but far from the epic some have been proclaiming, the Hollywood hype machine never to be believed.

Regarding: “Did you really think Donald Trump was going to call out the Klan, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis? Please. They are huge part of his base.”

I admit to having very limited knowledge of such groups outside of mainstream news coverage or a few sociology classes years ago but the FBI, ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center suggest that none of those groups is particularly large, every public appearance by one showing the locals spitting on them, counter protesting, and jeering them like the loser trash most agree they are. I’m not a trump supporter but with 63 million votes to his name, just how small do you think his “base” is/was? The only group of these wackos to show any growth in recent decades are prison gangs, hardly the basis of a voting base given restrictions on felons voting, yes? (“With Hate in their Hearts: The State of White Supremacy in the United States” by the ADL supports their lack of traction)

The ‘Stros lead MLB with 39 roadie wins. We lost last night and so did the Red Sox.

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