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Did you really think Donald Trump was going to call out the Klan, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis? Please. They are huge part of his base. They were part of his campaign last year. Never forget!

How about those fellas who were holding the torches Friday night and made it to a kazillion computer screens? I here they are all out of work this morning.

July 25 was the day the ‘Stros called me to let me know they were sticking it to me on next season’s tickets. What was our record the day they called me and how have we fared since?

Huh? Did you check out the headlines from yesterday’s lead Chron editorial?


Mayor Turner is the only person who can rally Houston behind our failing schools.

The editorial starts out like this:

Welcome to Houston’s latest political train wreck. If you thought the city’s pension problems were a complex and explosive policy debate, get ready to deal with a potential state takeover of our local public schools. The ensuing fight promises to pit special interests against taxpayers, charters against the teachers union and local control against state authority.

There is no mention of the Mayor until the very end with this:

Mayor Sylvester Turner proved himself capable of crafting a solution once thought impossible for Houston’s pensions, and we again look to him to save our failing schools. If Turner can’t do it, the only person left will be Mike Morath – commissioner of the TEA.

Ok. If you say so.

Here is what I found interesting about the editorial:

Anyone looking to the Board of Trustees for a solution will be tempted to call for the TEA cavalry. Meetings routinely descend into chaos. Debate is replaced with bullying and bluster. Individual members seem more interested in promoting their own myopic political agenda than educating students.

If trustees want to save their jobs, they need to let the superintendent do his. This means allowing Richard Carranza to set the agenda when it comes to hiring, firing and overall management of HISD’s 283 schools.

Carranza, too, needs to step up and push back against board members who treat their districts like a political fiefdom. While the nine trustees may have hired him, Carranza’s real responsibility is to the 200,000 students who fill the classrooms each day.

It kind of reminds me of that Op-Ed that came out a few weeks ago from the GPS folks. Once again, they don’t specifically call out the guilty trustees, but I think we all know who they are talking about.

Look, the Mayor can certainly have a leadership role in saving some schools. He does have a Director of the Mayor’s Office of Education.   What have they been up to?

Other folks can help out too, including the business community. Ultimately though it comes down to the Superintendent and the school board. A test today could come when the Board fills the trustee vacancy if they pick the person most capable of making a positive contribution.

Here is the entire editorial: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Save-HISD-11758408.php.

We could very well have six HISD trustee campaigns this year.

Commentary checked out “Dunkirk” this past weekend on IMAX. Was it the “greatest war film ever?” Nope. Nope. No debate. Not even close.

It is a good flick and I recommend.

It is different. You never really see the Germans. You don’t really know anything about the soldiers. The only Brits that fight are the fighter pilots and a few ship gunners. The rest are running, hiding, ducking, or swimming. I guess it is a war movie but really, it is more like a survival flick.

When the ‘Stros called me back on July 25, we were sitting at 66-33. Today we are 72-45 and have gone 6-12 since. The ticket gouging jinx?

Our lead for the best record in the AL is five games.

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