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Struggling ‘Stros

Commentary attended Governor Mark White’s memorial service yesterday. It was well attended and very nice.

Change is happening in Pasadena, Texas. From a press release from the Pasadena Mayor:

Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner has taken the first steps to restore Pasadena’s inter-city bus service. In recent weeks, the mayor and other city officials have been meeting with representatives from Harris County Transit Services to discuss reinstating bus service.

A proposed plan is currently being finalized and includes four routes that total roughly 70 linear miles. The routes have been designed to provide service to many low-income areas within Pasadena, as well as those where transportation needs are the highest.

“Many of our citizens have requested that we create some type of transit system throughout our city,” Mayor Wagner said. “The Harris County Transit system we had at one time seemed like a good option, but we’ve been working together to find ways to enhance that service even more. I am grateful for the support we are receiving from Harris County Pct. 2 Commissioner Jack Morman and everyone at Harris County Transit.”

Together, they have been reviewing potential routes and bus stop options to ensure that the new system serves the community more effectively and productively than the 2010-2012 route structure.

“After reviewing what we had previously, improvements were added to ensure that we had more access to things like county courts, medical facilities, the Social Security office, schools, grocery stores and shopping,” Mayor Wagner said.

The proposed routes include stops at San Jacinto College, Strawberry Clinic and Bayshore Medical Center, as well as at retail, grocery and pharmacy chains, such as Walmart, Kroger, Fiesta, HEB, CVS and Walgreens. The service would also give Pasadena residents access to existing Harris County Transit routes and would connect to the Houston METRO system near Richey Road.

Here is from the Chron:

The city of 150,000 has had no mass transit since former Mayor Johnny Isbell ended its agreement with Harris County Transit. Isbell said not enough people rode the buses to justify the cost to the city, which totaled about $226,000  in 2012.

Nice going, Pasadena!

This happened yesterday from the Chron:

Houston ISD trustees were defiant a day after being warned of a possible state takeover, arguing that they’re already turning around troubled schools and don’t need outside meddling from Austin bureaucrats.

Trustees on Wednesday heralded improved school ratings from the state and vowed to invest in long-struggling schools, which must improve to avoid potential state intervention. If about a dozen chronically failing schools don’t meet state academic standards by 2018, it would trigger provisions of a Texas law that could result in campus closures or the appointment of a school board manager.

“We intend to fight this in the classroom,” Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones said. “We think our kids are capable of learning. We are going to give them the tools to do that.”

Under the law, passed by the Legislature in 2015, any district with a school receiving five consecutive “improvement required” ratings faces state intervention.

Texas Education Association officials warned Houston-area lawmakers in a meeting Monday of the possibility of a state takeover of HISD, one of several large urban districts facing such an action. The 2015 law largely flew under the radar prior to the meeting and subsequent media reports.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/HISD-trustees-push-back-against-state-takeover-11746574.php.

I get it. Come and take it. Of course, all this does is highlight the failing schools. The total focus needs to be on improving the schools.

Commentary is back to talking about the ‘Stros. Even though we still have the second best record in baseball, we are not playing like we do. We are struggling. Our pitching is not holding up. Dallas Keuchel is having problems. Lance McCullers, Jr. is dinged up. Carlos Correa is still on the DL. Right now, I don’t think we would survive the first round in the playoffs. Ticket karma?

I will have the MLB question tomorrow.

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