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Now that Adrian Beltre has joined the 3,000 base hit club, who is next on the list?

Commentary has said it before. It is not my fight. I am talking about the Houston Firefighters and their petitions and the H-Town Mayor. Commentary has also said this before. Breaking up is hard to do. Both were waltzing together across H-Town just a couple of years ago.

The Firefighters are accusing the City of dragging their feet on getting their petitions certified. Here is from Mike Morris and the Chron:

(Mayor) Turner rejected any suggestion that he has involved himself in the City Secretary’s effort to verify their petition, and his office on Thursday said an offer by the fire union to cover any staffing costs needed to count their signatures is being examined as a possible attempt to improperly influence a public official.

Apparently, the strong mayor form of governing doesn’t apply to the City Secretary. Here is this from the article:

“She’s the one who’s doing the counting, she verifies the signatures. That’s the process,” Turner said. “No one runs the city secretary’s shop but the city secretary.”

Now why did the Firefighters make that endorsement two years ago? This too from the Chron:

“This is just one more example of the reason that firefighters do not trust Sylvester Turner,” ( Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 341 president Marty Lancton) said. “It is one more example of the lies that continue to happen from the Turner administration.”

Here is the entire Morris piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Rancor-between-firefighters-mayor-flares-anew-11732905.php?cmpid=btfpm.

Let’s cut the BS. If you can beat the Firefighters, put it on the ballot. If you don’t think you can and don’t want to take the major budgetary hit, run out the clock and deal with it in the courts and in the election of 2019.

The Chron also has a piece on the Pasadena voting rights lawsuit. Here is a bit:

The (city) council voted 5-3 on Aug. 1 to pay $45,585 to the Bickerstaff firm, bringing the total paid in legal fees over the last six months to the firm to more than $320,000. The city paid more than $2.5 million before the ruling.

At the Aug. 1 meeting, Councilman Don Harrison broached the topic of a settlement regarding MALDEF’s legal expenses.

“I understand through sources there are negotiations going on with MALDEF, who has requested $1.6 million to settle the lawsuit. We’ve had an executive session to discuss this, and yet we’re still continuing with the appeal,” said Harrison, who joined Sammy Casados and Cody Ray Wheeler in voting against approving the latest payment. “It’s time to settle this matter with MALDEF and get this lawsuit over.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/pasadena/news/article/Pasadena-mayor-silent-on-city-s-appeal-of-federal-11732489.php.

I am betting when the law firm was hired by the City of Pasadena way back then, they said they had a slam dunk case. Well we know how that turned out. Settle the darn case and stop listening to the law firm.

Yesterday, Commentary volunteered to participate in an online survey conducted by the ‘Stros. I thought I would get my shot in on the ticket prices. They didn’t ask about tickets. They did ask about the Saint Arnold hangout over by Union Station. I put in a good word for the Saint Arnold hangout. I sure hope they are not considering closing it. Heck, they just expanded the area this season.

They also asked in detail about utilizing kiosks that self-serve. I don’t know about that. I hope they aren’t thinking about this as a way of cutting back on employees. One of the key reasons for getting the stadium referendum passed back in 1996 was to create economic development – for tourism, restaurants, bars, development in the area, and jobs for folks, both inside and outside of The Yard. It wasn’t passed just to make the ‘Stros more dough.

Commentary understands the need for technology and modernization to make things more convenient for the fans, but don’t kid yourselves. The Yard driven by kiosks is not going to drop the price of a Saint Arnold or hot dog or a Torchy’s Taco – just saying. Don’t kiosk The Yard at the expense of the employees – a lot of them who are not making a whole lot of money. Just saying.

Bill King had this take on yesterday’s Daily Commentary:

GDP is the sum of population growth and productive gains. Productive is lagging and our native population is declining. I absolutely agree that we need to do something about illegal immigration for a wide variety of reasons, but unreasonably limiting legal immigration is a self-defeating strategy. Look at Japan.


Royko, aka Tom, had these:

That’s interesting because I am Latino and Trump is not coming after me.

The Progressives have bastardized the whole process.

Tell me again why we need to let MS-13 bad hombres run wild throughout the nation?

I would rather have educated immigrants who are self-reliant and think before they vote for a Marxist candidate who wants to tax and spend us into oblivion rather than an illiterate 3rd-world refugee who will be a subsidized ward of the state for their entire life, and dependably votes Democrat.

Time will tell if the majority of Americans want to keep the Obama policy of allowing open borders and an unlimited flow of illegals who continue to drain our precious resources.



It would impact some immigration attorneys, true.

There is a lot wrong with the current process, and there is more than one view on the legislation.

From what I understand, all a legal immigrant needs to do is pay the attorneys to fill out the paperwork, be able to read one of three standardized sentences, and parrot the sentence.

Over the past number of years, there has been little if any enforcement of the self-reliance provisions.

Is it not a gross exaggeration to state “would [be] devastating to our economy?” The 2015 GDP was over $18 TRILLION.


And finally:

Pat Buchanan covered this issue back in 2001. He recognized that all of the Socialist industrialized nations were in population declines, but warned that a flood of immigrants was not the answer.

The EU adopted the UN plan to overrun every country with immigrants, where none of them have assimilated, and instead created chaos.

The chaos in Europe is mind-knumbing.

We have Sanctuary cities contributing to the chaos in the USA.

First, we need law and order. The activist federal judges are doing more harm by continuing Obama’s unsound policies.

Second, the nation needs to decide if it is better sober, or inebriated, as no good ever came from the abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Third, does the American society return to growing, self-reliant family units, or continue the Nanny State.


Albert Pujols of course has 2,918 base hits so he will join the 3,000 base hit club sometime next season.

Karma anyone? I am surprised we still hold a 15 game lead as the Jays visit The Yard for three.

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