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Money Grab

Commentary got a call yesterday from the ‘Stros. They told me my ticket prices for next season are going up 33% – yep, 33%, yep, a third.

I told them thanks a lot for ruining a good season.

They said they were giving my seats that I have had there at The Yard since 2000 a higher price designation. Mind you, they didn’t move my seats, they just assigned them to a higher pricing level. My sight lines stay the same and my distance from first base stays the same. Now that is what you call a money grab pure and simple.

Shameful way to treat a longtime fan Commentary doesn’t mind saying. Chicken s__t is a very appropriate response if you ask Commentary. Shameful way to treat a longtime season ticket holder and loyal one at that. I stuck with them when they were having 100 plus loss seasons but they obviously don’t give a rat’s arse.

Commentary is used to the 5% to 10% annual price hikes we have seen over the years but 33% with a horse s__t reason is a way bit too much.

Did I say money grab?

F__k the MLB question. I am p___ed off! Money grab!

Best tweet of yesterday:

Celia Israel‏ @CeliaIsrael 19h19 hours ago


Urban affairs committee witness: ‘I dont understand why y’all are having to hear this tree bill’

@RepAlvarado145 ‘we dont either ma’am ‘

This is the headline to one of Kuffer’s takes today:

There will be no city elections this November

Here is the take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=81768.

I am not going to get picky but we do have city bonds to vote on and maybe firefighters.

Steve Houston responded to the City of H-Town recycling deal here:

Ask most any company that does business with the city and they will tell you that most contracts are locked in long before there’s a vote at city council. Sometimes the contract specs are written so tightly as to exclude competitors, other times specific companies are warned off of bidding but in almost all cases, the fix is in. Lest someone suggest this is always about a political campaign contribution to the mayor or a council member, it is not, though that does appear to happen frequently enough, and despite shouts from the far right, Houston is sure not the only city or governmental body to act this way because they ALL do this, sometimes with the best of intentions to the “greater good”.

The media, particularly the Houston Chronicle, can slant things any which way they want to as a means of generating ratings but the only real solution is for voters to take a great deal more interest and to demand more transparency. The sad thing is, we’re lucky if a majority of people even bother to vote, never mind spend a few hours each week keeping up with what elected representatives are doing, not just local but state and national leaders as well. As such, there will never be the kind of transparency needed to insure the best contracts are the contracts our tax dollars purchase, not necessarily the low bid or the contracts tied to buddies of city hall but the best contracts for the city as a whole.


What is the over/under for days remaining on the job for the AG?

We won again yesterday and did I say money grab?

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