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Governor Santa

How many World Serious titles has the state of New York won?

“He’s making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.”

Greg Abbott had decided he’s Santa Claus. Here is from the Trib:

Gov. Greg Abbott said that he would publicly call out lawmakers who didn’t support his 20-item legislative agenda while Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came out swinging against House leadership during Monday appearances on the eve of Texas’ special legislative session.

Abbott said he would aggressively hold lawmakers accountable for their positions on his legislative agenda and encouraged others to do the same. 

“I’m going to be establishing a list,” he said in remarks before the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank. “We all need to establish lists that we publish on a daily basis to call people out — who is for this, who is against this, who has not taken a position yet. No one gets to hide.”

Here is the entire Trib story: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/07/17/abbott-property-taxes-are-top-issue-special-session/.

If you ask Commentary, this kind of stuff tends to hurt the GOP from the inside.   Abbott can’t be the hammer-in-chief. Members need to pay attention to the folks back home.

Commentary has said it before. The following is brought to you by the folks who jumped on the Mayor’s bandwagon early on over a couple of years ago. Here is from the Chron:

Houston firefighters delivered over 32,000 signatures to City Hall on Monday in support of asking voters in November to mandate parity in pay between firefighter and police officer ranks, a maneuver that could threaten the city’s plans to sell $1 billion in bonds as part of its pension reform plan.

While the two measures are unrelated, both are tied to firefighters’ displeasure with the Turner administration.

As such, a unified voting bloc of firefighters during what is expected to be a low-turnout election in November could spell trouble for Mayor Sylvester Turner’s signature pension reform plan, and potentially thrust the city back into the fiscal quagmire Turner spent his first year in office trying to escape.

“If one issue is a five-alarm fire, both together are a 10-alarm fire,” said Brandon Rottinghaus, a political science professor at the University of Houston.

And this:

Houston political consultant Nancy Sims said voters are likely to pass the pay parity referendum.

“People just like their firefighters; they’re heroes,” she said. “It’s very hard when firefighters start pushing something to the broader public for it to not succeed.”

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Firefighters-deliver-32-000-signatures-to-put-pay-11295180.php.

I don’t know if I agree with my friend Nancy on this. I will say this. If it gets on the ballot, I assume there will be an organized effort against the measure. These folks need to make sure they don’t look like they are assaulting firefighters if you know what I mean. I can’t help but think that there will be some bad blood afterwards.

The state of New York has 35 World Serious titles of course: 27 for the Yankees, 5 for the Giants, 2 for the Mets, and 1 for the Dodgers.

The burial for Carlos Beltran’s glove yesterday was cute.   Not scoring in the bottom of the ninth wasn’t. We should have won last night.

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