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Stay Tuned

The outcome of tonight’s All Star Game will not determine World Serious home field advantage. What was the final score of last year’s game?

Remember when I put out the Op-Ed last week from Jasmine Jenkins, the Executive Director of Houstonians for Great Public Schools. She had that take on the HISD School Board meeting. Well, here is from the group’s website:

Great school boards drive student success


The mission of Houstonians for Great Public Schools (HoustonGPS) is to increase public understanding of the roles and responsibilities of school board members and to hold members accountable for high performance.


Houston GPS Core Values:

Strong leaders are driven by clear goals for student outcomes. We use data to measure progress toward community educational goals to determine the effectiveness of our leaders and share that progress with the Houston community to ensure full transparency.

Very interesting. Stay tuned for this I am sure.

The Texas Tribune has a take on Pasadena politics and voting rights here: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/07/11/voting-rights-battle-pasadena-could-come-wide-legal-ramifications/.

Just drop the appeal and move on.

Steve Houston had a short take on the Houston firefighters’ latest move. Here it is:

If they get that kind of raise, it will likely impact their pension plan corridor too, leading to lower pension benefits and increased healthcare premiums.

The AL won last year 4-2 of course.

Don’t forget to catch the ‘Stros tonight!

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