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Commentary doesn’t have much to say on the public policy front today. I can’t think of anything other than to say the Pasadena City Council will meet this morning and I wonder how many Pasadena Latino citizens will attend and engage their new council and support their new police chief?

Ridiculous! I am talking about the ‘Stros. Yesterday, on the Fourth of July against The ATL, the ‘Stros had 19 base hits. On Memorial Day against the Twins, the ‘Stros had 19 base hits. Our team batting average is now .286. When was the last time a team finished the season with a batting average above .286?

A few nights ago, Commentary was surfing the flat screen when I ran across a show on TNT called “Claws.” It got my attention as I watched a mini-marathon of sorts for a few hours. It is about a nail salon and pill-popping clinic folks working in cahoots. I was hooked for sure.

Former MLBer Chuck Knoblauch is not a very good person. He went on a twitter mini-tirade against ‘Stros announcer Geoff Blum during last night’s game. Too bad “Blummer” wasn’t calling the game. Filling in for “Blummer” was Knoblauch’s former teammate Mike Stanton. Knoblauch used the term “fairy” in a derogatory fashion in one of his tweets. What an arsehole and dumbarse for sure.

Commentary watched the Baytown fireworks with my Dad yesterday at his crib. We had a great view from my Dad’s front porch. We were right across Goose Creek from the fireworks display. Cool.

In 2007, the Yankees batted .290 and the Tigers and Mariners batted .287 of course.

This is ridiculous. Commentary is talking about our 16 game lead on the Fifth of July and our 30-9 roadie record. Oh, yeah, and 30 games above .500.

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