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Here they come. They are here.

Well this is good news for us and bad news for the GOP.

Here is from Alexa Ura and the Tribune:

The state’s population is still booming, and Hispanic Texans are driving a large portion of that growth. 

New population estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau show that just over half of Texas’ population increase since 2010 can be attributed to a rapidly growing Hispanic community and its expanding presence in nearly every corner of the state.

As of July 2016, the Texas population nearly reached 27.9 million — up from 25.1 million in 2010. More than 1.4 million of that 2.7 million increase was among Hispanic Texans. Meanwhile, the white population only increased by about 444,000 people.

Put another way: Since 2010, Texas has gained more than three times as many Hispanic residents than whites.

Here is all of the article: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/06/22/texas-hispanics-behind-half-states-growth-2010/.

In the GOP’s anti-Latino diabolical lab, I am sure they are trying to cook-up more SB 4s, voter ID, and gerrymandering s__t to deal with Latino growth.  They will go to great lengths to keep us from participating.

Mi amigos, be patient, be patient and keep educating out folks. Our day is coming and sooner than folks think.

The ‘Stros have a plus 117 run differential. That is only good enough for second among MLB clubs. Name the team ahead of the ‘Stros in run differential?

As expected, the City of H-Town joined the anti-SB 4 lawsuit. The vote was along partisan lines. Here are two good quotes from the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott’s story:

Council Member Mike Laster:

“I could say it’s mean or mean-spirited, but it’s not just mean or mean-spirited. I believe it’s a vicious bill. I believe it’s instilled in far too many of our citizens a profound and deep fear.”

Council Member Karla Cisneros:

“Where do you draw the line when it comes to stepping up and taking a stand and owning some responsibility?” Is it responsible to say, let’s let San Antonio or Austin or some other city fight our fight?”

Nice job, guys!

I won’t provide quotes from GOPers because they were meek and had this feel that they didn’t want to offend the growing Latino community in H-Town.

After the Dem loss in Georgia a couple of days ago, some want House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down. In a number of news stories yesterday and today, some Dem leaders think she hurts more than helps Dems running for congress. I come down on the side of hurts more than helps. Dems could use some fresh faces at the top but I am not going to spend a whole lot of energy on this.

Commentary doesn’t know which is goofier. Orbit tossing T-shirts at the H-Town City Council meeting or Council Member Jack Christie challenging Chron Editorial page Editor Jeff Cohen to a duel? Oh, well!

The Dodger of course have a plus 120 run differential to lead MLB.

49-24 with a 12 ½ game lead is darn good if you ask me.

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