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No Balls

From today’s Chron 50 years ago today:

1967: President Lyndon B. Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall to become the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

There are a few stories out today about Donald Trump considering getting the Justice Department to fire the special prosecutor. A leading congressional Dem said not to worry. The Dem said that Congress would just turn around and name the special prosecutor as an independent prosecutor. Not so fast. The Dem is assuming that GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan would go along with the independent prosecutor idea.

Commentary doesn’t think these two would stand up to Trump. They have not so far. They don’t have the balls to go up against Trump’s base. As long as Trump has his base with him, GOP leaders are not going to go up against him. Trump getting rid of the special prosecutor is not a far-fetched idea as far as Commentary is concerned. It could very well happen and happen soon.

Here is from People:

Megyn Kelly is facing repercussions following her interview with Sandy Hook hoaxer Alex Jones.

Sandy Hook Promise, a leading gun violence prevention organization, released a statement on Monday that the NBC host will no longer emcee the organization’s annual Promise Champions Gala on June 14 in Washington D.C.

“This decision was spurred by NBC’s planned broadcast of Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, was a hoax,” the statement read.

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host. It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview,” said Nicole Hockley, co-Founder and Managing Director.

Dumbarse decision by NBC News without a doubt.

Then this tweet came out:

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Mediaite‏Verified account @Mediaite 14h14 hours ago


JP Morgan Chase Wants Ads Taken Off NBC News Over Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones Interview http://bit.ly/2rp3Sw6

Sooner or later the newly elected mayor of Pasadena has to talk to the Chron. There is a Chron story today on the aftermath of Saturday’s election and the newly elected mayor could not be reached for comment. Come on fella, grow a set! Help put your town back together. Show folks you are not on Mayor Johnny Isbell’s leash or are you?  Talk to the Chron.

Lance McCullers, Jr. went on the DL yesterday. Josh Reddick suffered a concussion. What, me worry? Just play ball!

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