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Tell Me Why

Commentary is not a big fan of Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan. I mentioned a while back that he got elected in large part because of the votes of voters of color and then he goes and surrounds himself with a bunch of old white dudes to serve as his top assistants. And our Dem Party leadership apparently is okay with this. Pitiful.

Here is from today’s Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg’s column:

Are we done with excuses now?

Not on your life – or on your liberty, for that matter.

I’ve questioned before why Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, and the commissioners who hold the purse strings, continue to waste millions of taxpayer dollars defending a bail system that a Republican-appointed federal judge has found unconstitutional.

On this one, the county is on the wrong side of justice, as some county officials acknowledge. Yet, Ryan has continued to hire pricey private lawyers to represent criminal court at law judges being sued for jailing people charged with low-level crimes simply because they’re poor. And his office has denied appellate counsel to the one judge, Darrell Jordan, who conducts his court constitutionally and supports settling with the civil rights groups suing on behalf of inmates.

Ryan, an elected Democrat, and four Republican members of commissioners court – Steve Radack, Jack Cagle, Jack Morman and County Judge Ed Emmett – have supported appealing the decision even though the county is unlikely to prevail. Only Commissioner Rodney Ellis, a former Democratic state senator, wants to settle the lawsuit and adhere to reforms ordered by U.S. Chief District Judge Lee Rosenthal.

Here is all of Falkenberg’s column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/The-judges-have-spoken-and-Harris-County-needs-11201045.php.

Now tell me why Dems need to support Vince when he runs for reelection in 2020 in the Dem Primary?

I sure hope somebody steps up soon and announces. Don’t wait for Dem Party leaders to anoint you. Just step forward and say you are running for County Attorney.

Now this tweet:

Adrian Garcia‏ @AdrianGarciaHTX 2h2 hours ago


Harris County needs to do the right thing, right now – Call, write and RT Vince Ryan to stop wasting our money!

How about someone step forward to run against Vince?

Greg Abbott will go down in history as one of the worse governors in Texas history. He certainly earned it.

Let’s see. We are 42-17 and have a .712 winning percentage and a plus 104 run differential – all MLB’s best, so, why am I feeling down after our loss last night?

Because we should have won, that’s why!

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