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Names, Please

Donald Trump and his “Access Hollywood’ tape pretty much solidified his status on the vulgar scale – at the top. Trump has also emboldened the white nationalists and racists to unprecedented toxic levels all across the globe. His statements on twitter yesterday directed at the mayor of London less than 24 hours after London was attacked by terrorists showed that Trump is one crude, crass, and classless you know what. Civility is certainly not in his vocabulary.

Commentary would never hold up a fake severed Trump head. Kathy Griffin did and then apologized. Trump never apologizes. Not to Mexicans. Not to Muslims. Not to the disabled. He’s a thug. Kathy Griffin would have been better off not apologizing. If you are going to pick a fight with Trump, well, fight. Just saying.

From the “What a Dumbarse Dept.”, this tweet:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account@realDonaldTrump 7h7 hours ago

Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!

Followed by this:

Evan liked

Shannon Watts‏Verified account@shannonrwatts 6h6 hours ago

Shannon Watts Retweeted Donald J. Trump

They used knives because UK DOESN’T GIVE EVERYONE EASY ACCESS TO GUNS. How many more would be dead with semiautomatic weapons? #LondonAttacks

This isn’t my fight. Commentary is talking about the City of H-Town budget. The Chron E-Board today takes on the H-Town City Council for keeping the district service program. The vote to keep was 10-7. This E-Board take probably would have been more effective if they had named the 10. If you are going to call them out, well, call them out. Here is how the E-Board take starts out:

City Council loves their slushies – and no, we don’t mean a frozen Big Red from Buc-ee’s.

We’re talking slush funds, as in the million-dollar district project Council District Service programs that councilmembers approved in Wednesday’s budget vote.

City Council can’t fully fund five police cadet classes. Deferred building maintenance goes ignored for another year. The city’s savings account has to be tapped to close the budget gap. But, in a 10-7 vote, City Council ballooned their district funds up to seven-figures (“City Council OKs budget, ups funds for each district,” page A3, Thursday).

This is a problem of city needs versus city wants.

Houston needs more police officers and affordable housing for the working poor. Houston needs to maintain city buildings and fix potholes. City Council doesn’t need more money to spend on short-term programs that provide little more than bragging rights.

In the past, council members have been caught spending their district budgets on items such as yard signs and food catering for community events. There’s nothing wrong with a little nosh during a long meeting, but there’s nothing right about it being a priority at City Hall.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Slush-fund-11192793.php.

Albert Pujols now has 600 career dingers. 29 of those have been hit at The Yard.

Congrats to AL Player and Pitcher of the Month Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers, Jr.

Now check these tweets:

Houston Astros‏Verified account@astros 44m44 minutes ago

Replying to @astros @TeamCJCorrea @LMcCullers43

#FunFact: This marks the first time in club history that the #Astros have had Player and Pitcher of the Month awards during the same month.


Bob Nightengale‏Verified account@BNightengale 31m31 minutes ago

Get your playoff tickets now: The Houston #Astros sweep the #Rangers, win 10th in a row and lower their Magic Number to 92 in AL West


Alyson Footer‏Verified account@alysonfooter 19h19 hours ago

The Astros are to the point where even a 15 game losing streak wouldn’t make that much of a dent. This is insane.

We are on a 10-game winning streak. We have the best record in MLB. We have a 13 ½ game lead. We just swept the Rangers. So what does the Chron put on the front section of yesterday’s sports section? How about hair styles of some ‘Stros players.


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