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On Sara

Next time you hear the phrase “the great state of Texas”, yeah, remind them about SB 4.

To my fellow Dems who are A-Okay with GOP State Rep. Sara Davis because she may be good on some of your issues, she voted this morning for SB 4 and against the interests of H-Town’s largest population group – Latinos.

She represents a district that voted for the Dem nominee for president with 55% of the vote.   Commentary is trying to figure out which neighborhoods in District 134 were urging her to support SB 4. West U? Bellaire? Timbergrove? Rice Military?

Racial profiling here we come!

Early Voting in Person turnout on Day 3 for the HISD Prop 1 race is in the books and here is what he have to date in some select locales   After three days, West Gray had 314, Palm Center 105, Sunnyside 88, Northeast 77, Tracy Gee 73, Bayland 145, Ripley 17, HCC 28, Hardy 29 and Moody 56.

Pasadena is sitting at 618.

I’m skipping everything MLB today.


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