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Over There

You set off missiles so now this is your mess. You now own it. F all of you for putting blame on President Obama. You guys now have the weapons so now it is yours. If you are in office, then it belongs to you. So F off.

100 years-ago today, George M. Cohan wrote “Over There.”

Over there, over there,

Send the word, send the word over there

That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming

The drums rum-tumming everywhere.

So prepare, say a prayer,

Send the word, send the word to beware –

We’ll be over, we’re coming over,

And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

He wrote it the day after the USA entered World War One.

It worked then. I hardly think it works today. Just saying.

We are just into the sixth day of the MLB season so who are the only two MLBers with three dingers apiece?

The Trib has a piece today on pension reform and conflicts of interest so what else is news. Here are bits:

The Texas lawmaker championing a controversial House bill aimed at fixing Dallas’ beleaguered police and fire pension fund is also the father-in-law of a firefighter in that city.

But state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, is far from the only state lawmaker this session to find that bills tackling some of the country’s most financially troubled pension systems intersect with their personal or business lives. And in a state with a broad definition of what constitutes a conflict of interest, each legislator gets to independently decide for themselves whether to recuse themselves from helping shape pension bills being considered this legislative session.

Flynn said the Dallas pension’s dire financial conditions — and not the fact that his daughter married a Dallas firefighter less than three years ago — was his driving force in authoring the legislation. The bill aims to address the city’s multibillion-dollar pension shortfall by overhauling the board, changing how and when some pension funds can be collected and increasing the amount of money the city and its public workers pay into it. Flynn said the personal relationship and his legislative work don’t constitute a conflict of interest.

“That’s almost offensive that anybody would suggest that,” Flynn said from the House floor Thursday.


Meanwhile, pension committee member Rep. Rafael Anchia, a Dallas Democrat, chose to skip the meeting entirely because his law firm counts the city’s police and fire pension system among its clients. Anchia said he is not going to deliberate or vote on the bill because it specifically pertains to the Dallas retirement system and not pension funds in general.

“If there is even a remote possibility that the appearance of conflict can arise, I just want to avoid that altogether,” he said. 

State Rep. Eric Johnson, D-Dallas, also plans to refrain from voting on the bill, a staffer confirmed Thursday. The reason was unclear. Johnson was unavailable for comment as House members debated that chamber’s budget during a marathon session expected to last into Friday morning.


State Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, previously said that he may avoid voting on some pension matters this session because he works for a law firm that counts Dallas and Houston pension systems among its clients. But Whitmire was the sole Senate Democrat last week to break party ranks and vote for a bill that would require voters to weigh in when a city wants to take on pension obligation bond debt – a bill aimed squarely at efforts to address Houston’s pension troubles.

State lawmakers rarely recuse themselves from legislative votes because the definition of a conflict of interest is broad in Texas. Plus, there is no meaningful enforcement mechanism if existing rules are violated.

Here is the entire read: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/04/06/author-dallas-police-and-fire-pension-bill-apparently-has-son-law-s-fi/.

The conflicts won’t do a darn thing one way or the other.

#SpringerDinger and Yasiel Puig of course lead MLB with three dingers each.

We should be undefeated. We should have won last night. A few of our hitters are just not hitting.

The Royals are now in for three.

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