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Right after the #ObamacareRepeal vote was pulled this past Friday afternoon, a number of the CNN talking heads were laughing and giggling on the air at Donald Trump about his “winning” and “deal” making.

Donald Trump’s daughter and his son-in-law were in Aspen skiing most of last week while #ObamacareRepeal was imploding. Both are senior advisors to Trump and have offices in the West Wing. They are dead serious about their new gigs, don’t you think! They’re fired!

This is from The Atlantic this past Friday after #ObamascareRepeal was pulled:

“I’ve been in this job eight years, and I’m wracking my brain to think of one thing our party has done that’s been something positive, that’s been something other than stopping something else from happening,” Representative Tom Rooney of Florida said in an interview. “We need to start having victories as a party. And if we can’t, then it’s hard to justify why we should be back here.”

And then there was the epic takedown of Sean Hannity by Ted Koppel yesterday. Hannity looked very much like the punkarse he is. He could not handle himself on the air and had to go to twitters afterwards to whine like the punk he is.

Next Monday evening we will begin our 56th season of Major League Baseball. How many season have we’ve played better than .500 baseball?

The GOP has given up talking to Latino voters. They won’t do Univision interviews. Here is this from Politico:

After a year of feuding with Donald Trump, Univision is finding that Republicans are unwilling to appear on the network, according to Enrique Acevedo, the anchor spearheading Univision’s coverage of the Trump administration.

Acevedo said GOP members of Congress — save for those who represent the Miami area, where Univision is headquartered and is particularly strong — have been avoiding the network, the nation’s largest Spanish language platform, since inauguration day.

“It’s happened more since the inauguration. It’s harder to get access to Republicans than it is to get access to Democrats and I understand why that is. Republicans think they have more to lose going on Univision,” Acevedo said, citing his attempts to get Republican senators like Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on the air. “If we get an answer, which is an exception, the answer is: ‘It’s a busy week, they’re not doing media,’ and then we see them on Fox or CNN.”


“The Republicans have already built the wall around Univision and our audience,” said Acevedo, who moved to Washington to cover the first 100 days of President Donald Trump’s administration. “They can ignore us at their own peril but it’s a disservice to the 55 million Latinos who want to hear form their members of Congress regardless of affiliation and they deserve to hear from them.”

Some GOP staffers on Capitol Hill said they only received a few requests from Univision for interviews since January, and were not consciously avoiding them. But two Senate Republican aides, working in separate offices, acknowledged that they have avoided or would avoid Univision because they don’t feel as though they’ll get fair treatment from the network.

Here is the entire read: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/univision-republicans-congress-236523.

Hey, the GOP has declared war on Latinos plain and simple.

CNN was interviewing the editor of Tine yesterday. The editor said that they were considering not calling Trumps lies lies because if Trump actually believed what he was saying maybe then in Trump’s mind they weren’t lies. Huh? Kidding me, right?

This past Friday, Commentary put out the H-Town Mayor’s and Bill King’s takes on H-Town pension reform. Then I said this:

Commentary has said before that this isn’t my fight.  I wonder though if a third party will step in and try to get both sides to come together and work something out? Just saying.

Then this tweet came out late Friday afternoon:

Jeff Syptak‏ @JeffSyptak 25m25 minutes ago

Let us recognize we are stronger together when we work together.-@SylvesterTurner

Just saying, err, tweeting.

It won’t happen and Bill sent this out this weekend:

New Poll Shows Widespread Support for Real Pension Reform

Texans for Local Control, a business group advocating for pension reform, recently completed a poll of registered Houston voters regarding their views on pension reform.  The results were stunning.

First, voters favored moving new employees to defined contribution plans by a 64%-20% margin.  Almost as remarkable as the lopsided margin is how few voters are undecided on this issue.  When we polled this same question during the 2015 mayoral campaign, the results were about 50% to 20%, with 30% undecided. This indicates that as people become aware of the issue, they are breaking for the DC conversion almost unanimously.

Voters were even more adamant about having the right to approve any new pension bonds.  70% of voters thought that any new bonds should be put to a vote, with only 20% opposing.  Again, the relatively few number of undecideds is remarkable.

The Texas House will hold a hearing on the H-Town pension bill today.

So, I guess Dem voters in CD 7 will have a contested primary next year. Debra Kerner is running.

Some folks who live near the White Oak music venue are not happy with the venue because of noise and traffic.   They have taken their fight to the courthouse and to H-Town City Hall. They also hired a spokesperson of sorts – Wayne Dolcefino. I don’t know if I would want Dolcefino to be my spokesperson at City Hall if you catch my drift.

The ‘Stros have had 26 seasons playing above .500 of course.

Opening Day is one week from today and MLB returns to The Yard this Thursday evening as the ‘Stros host the World Serious champions.

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