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The Scary Guy

To all those who opposed HISD Prop 1 last November, here is the list of local commercial property that TEA wants to hand over to Aldine ISD: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/TEA-releases-list-of-properties-to-be-reassigned-10929847.php.

Are you happy?   Did you get what you wanted?

Ok, if you take the Chron, you should know this one. According to today’s Chron, what is this season’s projected payroll for the ‘Stros?

I am thinking the only reason the TV news folks have Kellyanne Conway on these days is to let the USA know that she has absolutely zero credibility – nada. Commentary is just puzzled why she does this to herself.   Is there anyone around her with the guts to go up to her and tell her to stay off the air for a few months and go on a self-imposed media blackout?

Greg Abbott tweeted the following with a CBS story about the NFL warning us that we might not get another Super Bowl if the bathroom bill passes:

NFL decision makers also benched Tom Brady last season. It ended with NFL handing the Super Bowl trophy to Brady.

Huh! Can somebody tell this fella that this isn’t a game? He does not even make sense. Brady did sit out four games. What? We are going to pass the bathroom bill and then score 31 unanswered points? On holding Super Bowls, the NFL holds all the cards on this – no ifs, ands, or buts fella. I think I have said it before, the NFL, MLB, and NBA are not, I repeat, are not democracies.

Remember yesterday when I was talking about The Dean’s bill on the Dome repairs and Kuffer’s response.   Here is a part from my Commentary yesterday:

Kuffer also said this: “We require a vote when a government entity like Harris County wants the authority to borrow money via bonds, which was the case with that $217 million proposition from 2013.”

So does Kuffer want a vote on the pension bonds that the H-Town Mayor has proposed or are pension bonds a different type that don’t require approval by the voters? We will see.

Kuffer sent me this yesterday:

In re: pension bonds, didn’t we vote on some pension bonds under Mayor White? I fully expect to vote on pension bonds under Mayor Turner. That’s appropriate because it’s borrowing money, and we vote to grant the authority to borrow money.

I replied with this:

Nope.  There was not a vote.  It was handled through existing state law based on a bill that was passed by then Sen. Jeff Wentworth.

And this:

Here is from the Big Jolly take on the pension debate between Council Member Dave Martin and Bill King held a few weeks ago:

Martin made a historical argument – the city previously issued pension obligation bonds or POBs without voter approval so the same practice should be a-okay now. The record should reflect that the city has never simultaneously issued a billion dollars’ worth of bonds.

Now this from the Chron last night:

Any new changes that come to the Astrodome may need the approval of Harris County voters. 

And, according to a press release, State Sen. John Whitmire is expected to announce the filing of his bill that will give county voters a say in the fate of Houston’ beloved stadium at a press conference scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Tuesday (today) at the Texas State Capitol. 

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and fellow state senators Paul Bettencourt and Borris Miles are expected to be at the press conference, according to the release. 

Whitmire said Friday he would introduce a bill that would require Harris County voters to approve a county project to renovate the Astrodome by raising its floors and installing parking underneath. The bill is titled the “Harris County Taxpayer Protection Act.”

Univision did a piece on Donald Trump’s senior policy director, Stephen Miller, the scary guy who was on the news talk shows this past Sunday morning. This how the piece starts out:

Stephen Miller and Jason Islas grew up in sunny southern California in the late 1990s, united by their passion for Star Trek. But Miller stopped talking to his friend as they prepared to jump from Lincoln Middle School to Santa Monica High School.

Miller only returned Islas’ phone calls at the end of the summer, to coldly explain the reason for his estrangement. “I can’t be your friend any more because you are Latino,” Islas remembers him saying.

And this:

Natalie Flores, another student who witnessed Miller’s evolution from middle to high school, said he displayed “an intense hatred toward people of color, especially toward Latinos.” She and other students interviewed for this report recalled that Miller became angry whenever he heard students speaking Spanish in the hallways.

Here is the entire article that I encourage you to read: http://www.univision.com/univision-news/politics/how-white-house-advisor-stephen-miller-went-from-pestering-hispanic-students-to-designing-trumps-immigration-policy.

This is a fella who Trump praised the other day. This is a guy who Trump feels comfortable having around.

There is a good story on the Latino vote in today’s Chron. Here is how it starts:

Nearly 30 percent more Latinos in Texas voted in November than in the 2012 election, outpacing the increase in that time for non-Latino voters, according to a state report.

The rise signals to some observers that elections will become increasingly competitive in the Lone Star State.

The share of the electorate with a Spanish surname increased to 19.4 percent in 2016 from 17.2 percent, the figures released by the Texas Legislative Council show. State officials determined the numbers using a count based on a list of surnames and the findings don’t account for every Latino voter.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/nation-world/nation/article/Report-Number-of-Latinos-who-voted-in-2016-10930129.php.

According to the Chron, the ‘Stros’ payroll will be $123 mil this season of course.  Now you know why I pay 11 bucks for a St. Arnold at The Yard.

Spring Training starts today.

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