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This November

Ty Cobb leads MLB in all-time career batting average with a .367 average. Is there an active MLBer among the top 50 all-time career batting average leaders?

Commentary has mentioned before that I worked for the 2010 Rebuild H-Town campaign so here is this from yesterday’s Chron by Rebecca Elliott:

The funding scheme for ReBuild Houston, the city’s street and drainage repair initiative, remains in limbo after a state appeals court agreed Thursday that the 2010 charter referendum creating the program is void.

The Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals ruling affirms an Oct. 2015 trial court decision ordering the city to call a new election on creating a dedicated pay-as-you-go fund for street and drainage projects.

The case does not appear to affect the city’s ability to continue charging a drainage fee, however, since City Council authorized its collection  in a separate ordinance.

Instead, voiding the charter election essentially removes the restrictions placed on how the city uses the drainage money it takes in. 

Houston is considering whether to ask the appellate court to reconsider, or appeal to the Texas Supreme Court, among other options, mayoral spokeswoman Janice Evans said in a statement.

The state Supreme Court sided against Houston in this case two years ago, saying the city obscured the ballot language surrounding the drainage fee, a major funding source for ReBuild Houston, and, therefore, failed to adequately inform voters about the ballot measure’s intent. 

In the more expansive article in this morning’s Chron, the lawyer for the plaintiffs wants a new election on Rebuild H-Town this November.

I am thinking the City of H-Town does not want a new election on this. The City is thinking about putting the revenue cap vote on the ballot this November. I don’t think they would also want the so-called “rain tax” on the ballot. Remember, we don’t have mayoral or city council candidates on the ballot this year, so turnout this November could be a little on the sketchy side if you know what I mean.

The Chron E-Board today is smacking Texas’ straight ticket voting OPTION. Yes. It is an OPTION! Here is a part of their take:

Of course, voting based upon party affiliation has the appeal of simplicity. When you vote straight-ticket, you’re assuming – sometimes wrongly – that all of the candidates on the ballot from your party share roughly the same political philosophy. But you’re also assuming all of those candidates are competent and honest, and history has taught us that’s how a lot of fools and scoundrels wind up in powerful positions.

Dumping the one-punch straight-ticket option wouldn’t solve this problem. Texans could still cast individual votes for every Democrat or every Republican on the ballot. But that would give voters an incentive to consider each candidate independently rather than lumping all of them together based solely on party affiliation.

And to be sure, it would also impose upon voters the responsibility to work their way through lengthy ballots. Political scientists we consulted say Republican voters are more likely than Democrats to complete long ballots, casting votes in every race no matter how long it takes at the polling place. One of the reasons our state’s GOP leaders are talking about this issue may be that it could work to the advantage of Republicans in down-ballot races.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/End-straight-ticket-voting-10921932.php.

Commentary will say it again. Where is the public outcry on this? The GOP Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court? The GOP Texas House Speaker? The Chron E-Board?

Do they actually think that folks are going to do their homework on the individual judicial candidates? You are dreaming!

They need to go look at how these candidates run in their own primaries and which endorsements are sought after. You get the picture?

Why not look at having a system where the judicial elections are held in odd numbered years and have the candidates run without party affiliations? Just saying.

The lead story in the Chron’s business section is the bathroom bill and future Super Bowls. The bathroom guys don’t give a rat’s arse about stuff like this.

Miguel Cabrera of course is the only active MLBer in the top 50 all-time career batting average list with a .321 average that has him at number 36.

Spring Training starts next week.

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