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The Big W

It happens all the time. A family plunks down $600 or so for a flat screen. They also have a laptop that everyone uses. They also have some Xbox stuff for the kids. One day while the grown-ups are at work and the kids are at school, some thieves break in into their apartment and rip off their stuff.

When they come home, they call the cops, but the cops never show. All they can do is file a police report. They don’t have renter’s insurance so they are screwed. It happens all the time.

Multimillionaire football star gets his jersey stolen, the Texas lieutenant governor calls in the Texas Rangers.

Really local law enforcement? Really Texas Rangers. It is a freaking shirt!

That’s why they have NFL Security. They can handle the matter. There is no need for HPD, or HCSO, or DPS, or the FBI, or the Texas Rangers to spend one second on this. That’s why they have NFL Security.

Evan Tom Brady’s shirt sent out a tweet yesterday saying the jersey was buried under the “giant W”, a reference to Jimmy Durante’s kick the bucket scene from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” Durnate was talking about the $350,000 or so in stolen “loot” that was buried. Durante actually said the “loot” was buried under the “big W”. Still funny though.

From Yahoo News:

Donald Trump’s pick for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, admitted Monday night that he and his wife employed an undocumented worker for years, according to a statement.

“My wife and I employed a housekeeper for a few years, during which I was unaware that she was not legally permitted to work in the U.S.,” Puzder, a fast food executive, said in the statement.

“When I learned of her status, we immediately ended her employment and offered her assistance in getting legal status. We have fully paid back taxes to the IRS and the State of California and submitted all required paperwork regarding her employment.”

Lock him up! Sure, I believe him, sure. Double standard.

Trump apparently doesn’t like his press secretary getting lampooned by a woman. Check this from Politico:

As the press secretary for a president who’s obsessed with how things play on cable TV, Sean Spicer’s real audience during his daily televised press briefings has always been an audience of one.

And the devastating “Saturday Night Live” caricature of Spicer that aired over the weekend — in which a belligerent Spicer was spoofed by a gum-chomping, super soaker-wielding Melissa McCarthy in drag — did not go over well internally at a White House in which looks matter.

More than being lampooned as a press secretary who makes up facts, it was Spicer’s portrayal by a woman that was most problematic in the president’s eyes, according to sources close to him. And the unflattering send-up by a female comedian was not considered helpful for Spicer’s longevity in the grueling, high-profile job in which he has struggled to strike the right balance between representing an administration that considers the media the “opposition party,” and developing a functional relationship with the press.

“Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak,” added a top Trump donor.

I wonder how long he will last?

On Gaga’s Tummy.

I knew this was going to happen. In the age of high resolution HDTV and social media, I knew during her halftime performance that Lady Gaga’s tummy was going to be lambasted by the pitiful troll community that is out there. Sure enough, yesterday, I got around to checking out the stories on the trolling. Here is from Women’s Health:

Football was a thing last night, and besides witnessing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, people couldn’t stop talking about Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. She jumped into the freaking stadium and sang to the high heavens, all while swinging around on ropes, and nailing what had to be the most intense cardio session ever. A majority of her fans rejoiced, but some people didn’t seem to be too impressed by Gaga. Despite the fact that she’s spent months preparing and training for her time in the stadium spotlight, lots of viewers took to social media to point out Lady Gaga’s “gut,” “flab,” and “belly,” reports Fox News

The thing is, Lady Gaga is in arguably the best shape of her life. She documented her Super Bowl prep on Instagram, saying she was “Training. Everyday all day.” She didn’t stop moving the entire time she was on stage, all while wearing uncomfortably high-looking stiletto boots.

Unsurprisingly, Gaga’s “Little Monsters” had her back, and called out the Internet’s absurdity.

While Gaga had an onslaught of support from her fans, last night proved that these types of remarks are far too common. What’s more, a recent University of Pennsylvania study shows that “body shaming” can actually make people sick. Researchers found that when people felt bad about their bodies, they were more likely to experience metabolic syndrome: a cluster of health issues that can put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes, most likely due to the way your body reacts to stress.

Gaga seemed unfazed by the comments, but you never know who could be reading them.

Let’s see. She was hauled up to the roof of NRG. (I would have been screaming to let me down 15 feet up.) She dove off the roof with just two cables securing her. She put on a very physical show, and great show may I add. And folks want to go after her tummy. Gaga is A-Ok in my book.

On a sad note, from the Chron’s Sunday obituaries:

Lauro Cruz, 1933-2017.

Former Houston State Representative Lauro Cruz passed away on January 29, 2017 at the age of 83.

He served from 1967-1971.

When I get up every morning, I flip on the flat screen for the local news to check out the latest freeway fatality, the latest homicide, and the latest truck ramming through a convenience store or CVS as thieves attempt to haul off the ATM gizmo.   And Donald Trump says the media isn’t covering terrorists attacks.

How about these tweets:

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice 19h19 hours ago

AL West projections, per @fangraphs: Astros 90-72, Angels 84-78, Mariners 83-79, Rangers 83-79, Athletics 77-85.


Jake Kaplan

@baseballpro‘s annual PECOTA projections out today have the Astros taking the AL West at 93 wins: http://bit.ly/mIity 

That means we clinch early.

There is no MLB question today.

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