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Commentary has mentioned that my sister who lives in Laredo and her family have started up a food company called Siete Foods. They work out of Austin.  They produce grain free tortillas and just this past month introduced grain free tortilla chips. You can get their products under the Siete label at Whole Foods nationwide and at Central Markets.

My sister is in town for a few days and she was on the phone with the CEO of Siete, her son and my nephew Miguel. Miguel told her that they had done a demo of their product at the Austin Whole Foods yesterday, partnering up with a hot sauce called “Royitos”. It turns out the creator of Royitos is my old pal Roy Spence, co-founder of the ad agency GSD&M.

Roy put out a facebook post before the demo and gave Siete some props.

Commentary has yet to find a good hot sauce in a jar. According to Royitos webpage, you can get Royitos at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Central Market and Spec’s. I am going to have to check it out.

I really don’t have much to say about Kellyanne Conway’s fake Bowling Green Massacre other than to say lies, lies, and more lies.  I am surprised she didn’t say she was sitting on the grassy knoll during the massacre.

The Bowling Green Hot Rods are a Class A minor league baseball team who are affiliated with which MLB club?

Here comes the assault on straight ticket voting in Texas again. See this from the Trib:

Most states have dropped straight-ticket voting, but not Texas. There’s another attempt coming in the current legislative session, and it’s got some high-level supporters.

Partisan efficiency experts might love the time-saving charms of straight-ticket voting, but a number of the state’s top elected officials are ready to outlaw the practice.

Straight-ticket, or one-punch, voting allows people to cast a ballot for all of one party’s candidates with one pull of the lever, stroke of the pencil or click of the voting button.

One and done.

Its requires partisan faith on the part of a voter, an expression of trust in a party’s primary voters, a conviction that the chosen candidates — no matter who they are, what they’ve done and whether they are qualified — are better than candidates offered by the opposition party.

And it makes the coattails of the people at the top of the ballot very, very influential.

Here is the entire article: https://www.texastribune.org/2017/02/03/analysis-rising-criticism-threatens-one-punch-voting-texas/.

A couple of things. Where is the public outcry about this? Voting the straight ticket is an option, a choice. It is not mandatory.   Think of the long waits for the long lines of voters we would have had this past fall if we hadn’t had the straight ticket option. The anti-straight ticket proponents are narrow thinkers if you ask me.

The Chron E-Board doesn’t think Donald Trump knows or cares much about Mexico. See how their take ends today:

But Trump’s other problem with Mexico is not about money; it’s about his imperious, insulting attitude toward the country.

He and President Enrique Peña Nieto have had several conflicts already, the latest in a phone call last week that was supposed to have cooled things down.

It turns out, according to the Associated Press, that Trump threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico to eradicate drug cartels, because he said the Mexican army was afraid to fight them.

And according to a report in the Mexican press, he told Peña Nieto he didn’t need Mexico and the Mexican people.

That might sound unlikely, but the Wall Street Journal revealed in a recent editorial that when Trump visited the newspaper last November and was asked about U.S. policy toward Mexico, he responded, “I don’t care about Mexico, honestly, I really don’t care about Mexico.”

Unfortunately, his lack of knowledge and concern for Mexico has become painfully apparent.

Quite simply, we would urge President Trump to take the time to learn more about Mexico, Canada, NAFTA and our interconnected economies. He could start by reading his own trade representative’s web page. Texas’ senators and our congressional delegation also should take the lead.

As things stand now, Trump’s apparent lack of understanding makes it hard to take him seriously. When it comes to U.S.-Mexico policy, he does not speak for our country’s best interests.

Here is their entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Texas-Mexico-ties-10904696.php.

The Bowling Green Hot Rods are the Class A minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays of course.

I got nothing from The Yard and enjoy the big game this weekend.

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