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Are We?

Now this is interesting. Is it necessary? Should we?  Does it hurt us?

See these tweets from earlier today:

ANTONIO ARELLANO ‏@AntonioArellano 4h4 hours ago

If Houston officials continue to refuse to call Houston a #SanctuaryCity — Activists should shut down access to the #SuperBowl #HeretoStay


ANTONIO ARELLANO ‏@AntonioArellano 3h3 hours ago

.@HoustonTX refuses to identify as a #SanctuaryCity. While over half a million #immigrants live in fear the city focuses on #HouSuperBowl


ANTONIO ARELLANO ‏@AntonioArellano 4h4 hours ago

Houston’s elected officials are more concerned w/ pleasing Trump & Abbott than their own constituents—BIG MISTAKE! #HeretoStay #NoBanNoWall


I wonder if there will be a push on this in days or weeks to come? Stay tuned!

It is ludicrous to think Dems should be working with the Trump administration. Not the way they are acting. And telling lies. And telling lies.

Trump disrespects Mexico. There is no reason to work with him. We need to be working against him.

Here is from a Politico piece:

What began as a high-minded discussion about how to position the Democratic Party against President Donald Trump appears to be nearing its conclusion. The bulk of the party has settled on a scorched-earth, not-now-not-ever model of opposition.


“They were entitled to a grace period, but it was midnight the night of the inauguration to 8 o’clock the next morning, when the administration sent out people to lie about numerous significant things. And the damage to the credibility of the presidency has already been profound,” said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. “They were entitled to a grace period and they blew it. It’s been worse than I could have imagined, the first few days.”

Here is the entire Politico piece: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/democrats-trump-strategy-234206.

It was yesterday that the Mexican president said he was thinking about cancelling the meeting with Trump next week. I guess Trump heard about it so now this came out this morning:

President Donald Trump said Thursday that if Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is steadfast in his promise that his nation won’t pay for a wall along America’s southern border, “then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting” between the two leaders.

The warning, posted by Trump on Twitter Thursday morning, comes as tensions between the U.S. and its southern neighbor grow even more strained beneath the weight of the president’s campaign promises to get tough with Mexico on trade and immigration.

Here is the entire article: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/trump-mexico-border-wall-warning-234211.

We should not have this type of relationship with Mexico. It is pretty clear Trump has no idea about the importance of having a respectful relationship with Mexico. This is shameful.

Here is what my friend Antonio Gonzalez put out yesterday:

Statement of WCVI President Antonio Gonzalez on Border Wall, Sanctuary Cities

WCVI is opposed to today’s Executive order to begin construction of a US-Mexico Border Wall  -demanding Mexico pay for it. 

The southern border with Mexico has experienced near zero or zero net migration since 2007, thus there is no rational basis for a border wall. Doing so will waste tens of billions of tax dollars while doing little to enhance border security which is effective today due to a budget of billions for hundreds of miles of fencing, 20,000 border guards, radar, and drones. 

Instead a 2,000-border wall will harm the bi-national border economy and environment and increase human rights violations. It will become a symbol (like the Berlin and Jerusalem Walls) of proxy wars, hatred, and failures of leadership.

Needless to say Mexico should not concede to these aggressions. 

WCVI also opposes the Executive Order federally defunding sanctuary cities. These cities only acted to protect and include their immigrant populations because of decades of Congressional failure to fix America’s broken immigration laws. Sanctuary cities should be applauded not penalized.

Taken together with his declared intention to renegotiate NAFTA, initiate a trade tax and accelerate deportations, Mr. Trump’s actions comprise a declaration of cold war against Mexico and immigrants. Congress and all Americans of good faith must resist Mr. Trump’s cold war. 

WCVI calls on all US Latino elected officials and organizations and their allies to continue their protests and legal/legislative actions in opposition to Mr. Trump’s attacks. 

We must make Mr. Trump and his supporters understand that demagogic words and actions come at political, economic and ultimately electoral cost.    

We must make Mr. Trump and his supporters understand that xenophobia and protectionism are historically failed ideologies and policies.

We must make Mr. Trump and his supporters understand that inclusion (not exclusion) is the only viable and humane way to resolve these issues in US-Mexican relations and immigration reform.

Shameful, shameful, shameful!

There is no MLB question today.

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