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A ‘Stro Take

Our Opening Day starting third baseman got in his two cents on the Meryl Streep thing. Check out his tweet from yesterday on Donald Trump tweeting on Streep:

Brian McTaggart Retweeted

Alex Bregman ‏@ABREG_1 2h2 hours ago

Alex Bregman Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Delete your Twitterhttps://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/818419002548568064 …

Bregman took a little heat afterwards from Trump supporters. Hey, he’s entitled to his opinion.

Bregman was taken in the 2015 MLB draft as the second overall pick. Who was the first overall pick?

More from the Chron on Pasadena:

As Pasadena prepared for a divisive referendum over a change to its City Council structure in 2013, Mayor Johnny Isbell and his allies moved aggressively to drum up grass-roots support.

During an Oct. 3 event at a Pasadena restaurant, Isbell and three City Council members asked neighborhood association leaders to distribute yard signs and urge neighbors to vote for a charter amendment that would create two at-large council positions. Council members who regularly opposed Isbell were not invited.

For the neighborhood leaders, the merits of the proposal that voters would consider on Nov. 5, 2013, were not the only consideration, according to an opinion issued Friday by U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal. Their city funding was at stake.

“The court finds that the city and mayor used Pasadena’s Neighborhood Network Program to promote voting for the candidates and issues they favor,” Rosenthal wrote. “The city and mayor gain support from predominately Anglo south Pasadena in part by sending significant grant money and lending substantial city organizational and resource support to that part of town.”

Rosenthal’s ruling, unless it is successfully appealed, will force the city to revert to its previous system of eight single-member districts for the coming May election, abandoning the structure of six district seats and two at-large ones that voters narrowly approved in 2013. Rosenthal found that the 6-2 system intentionally diluted Latino voting strength, and she instructed the city to submit any future election changes for federal review.


Isbell, 78, cannot run for re-election this year because of term limits. After decades of serving his city, the mayor cannot be pleased at the prospect that Rosenthal’s ruling will stand as a record of his legacy.

Here is the entire Pasadena read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/greater-houston/article/Judge-s-ruling-in-voting-rights-case-not-kind-to-10845980.php?cmpid=btfpm.

Among Latinos that will be his legacy. Among a lot of white folks, it won’t. That is Pasadena for you.

The East End Light Rail Line or Green Line will officially open tomorrow. Here is a line from a story on the opening of the line from the Chron:

What the future now holds for Houston’s rail dreams, however, is hard to predict – and that may me the only opinion pro-rail advocates and longtime train critics share.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/After-rocky-ride-Metro-s-East-End-rail-line-set-10846049.php.

I really don’t think there is much of a future for more light rail these days. I don’t think it is a priority today for H-Town leaders and H-Town voters. I am thinking it is going to be a while – like long, long, time – before we start having a serious discussion on expanding light rail. We have a bunch of other stuff that needs addressing.   That’s the way it goes.

I can’t decide if this is sad or stupid – probably both. I am talking about a Hillary Clinton run for mayor of the Big Apple. Why? Sigh………..!

Some grown-up around her just needs to step forward and officially say “enough of this!”

Here is from Politico:

Hillary Clinton is not saying no.

She is also not saying yes to pleas to consider running for mayor of New York.

There’s no shortage of disgust with current Mayor Bill de Blasio among top New York Democrats, accentuated by bitterness among Clintonites toward the man who was her 2000 Senate campaign manager and then made a false start against her in his own quest for the national progressive spotlight.

But people who have talked with her — both former staffers and notable members of the Clinton orbit — say there’s mostly been a lot of coping with her presidential defeat, rather than planning for another run. She is almost certain not to run for mayor, they say, but there’s a legitimate interest in finding some way to stay involved, aware that there’s no place for her in national politics anymore and that many Democrats don’t want to hear from her after losing to Donald Trump.

Among her allies, there’s a despondency about how aimless she seems, the photo of her sitting by herself at a restaurant alone checking her email, the thought of her sitting up on the riser for Donald Trump’s inauguration next week, with cameras cutting to her constantly for grim reaction shots.

There’s also a growing sense of the absurdity of the discussion — and frustration even among some confidants that she and her team are letting the rumor sit out there, noticeably not shooting it down, letting it linger.

“Everybody in politics knows why they are doing it. It’s very high school,” said Karen Hinton, a former Bill Clinton administration aide who was de Blasio’s press secretary at City Hall until last summer and believes this is just score-settling from Clinton’s orbit. “It’s obvious she is not going to run, so why aren’t people just saying that?”

Here is the entire read: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/hillary-clinton-new-york-mayor-233384.

And now for the bad news. The Texas Legislative Session kicks-off today.

Dansby Swanson of course was taken first overall in the 2015 MLB draft.

Nothing from The Yard again.

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