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Calling It

The editor of the Wall Street Journal said yesterday if they catch Donald Trump not telling the truth, they are not going to use the “lie’ word. I am scratching my head on that one.

Everybody in the world knows he lies all the time, so why not say it. Heck, folks that voted for him knew he lied all the time. That’s his MO – pure and simple, he lies and he knows he lies.   The staff that surround him also know he lies. He wouldn’t be Trump without the lies. Oh, well!

Along the same line, check this tweet:

Lisa Falkenberg Retweeted

Wayne Slater ‏@WayneSlater 3h3 hours ago

Wayne Slater Retweeted Michael Calderone

So, if somebody says the Earth is flat, an “objective” story is “Opinions differ on shape of the Earth.” At some point, you call a lie a lie

Who holds the record for most games played in a career in MLB?

I don’t know why folks do this. Here is from my next door:

I’ve lived in Houston my entire life. This (gunshots on NYE) is how it works. Maybe someday someone will adopt my approach of drinking fine champagne and eating delicious cheese at midnight. Seems unlikely.

Without starting a cultural brouhaha, is this a Latino thing? Check this from the McAllen Monitor:

NORTH OF WESLACO — Local law enforcement authorities here have confirmed that State Rep. Armando “Mando” Martinez, District 39, is recovering after being struck by a “stray bullet.”

According to Weslaco police, Martinez underwent surgery today related to a gunshot wound to the head. Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra confirmed that Martinez is in stable condition and that the surgery was to remove the “projectile” from his head.

Guerra further noted that the representative has been communicating via text message.

The incident, which is being investigated by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, reportedly occurred just after midnight Sunday, when Martinez was celebrating the New Year with family and friends outside a residence located north of Weslaco in the 5400 block of Sago.

The sheriff said Martinez felt something on top of his head and was rushed to a local hospital after the representative’s wife observed a small hole on the top left side of her husband’s head.

A deadly conduct investigation has been launched in reference to the incident.

Coach Gary Kubiak is a very good guy. Here is this from the Denver Post:

It’s official.

Less than 12 hours after telling his his players and coaches that he would step down as the Broncos’ head coach, Gary Kubiak and the team released a statement on Monday morning to announce his resignation.

“As I told our team last night, this is an extremely difficult decision to step down as head coach,” Kubiak said in the release. “I love to work and I love football, but ultimately the demands of the job are no longer a good fit for me. I gave everything I had to this team the last two seasons, but this year, in particular, has been tough on me. As hard as it is to leave this position, I know that it’s the best thing for myself, my family and the Denver Broncos.”

Pete Rose of course leads MLB with 3,562 games played in all time.

You know we are looking good heading into the playoffs. Check this tweet from yesterday:

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Greg Bailey ‏@GregBailey13 4m4 minutes ago

O’Brien: we’ll talk about QB as the week goes on. #WeAreTexans

At least we are playing a team this Saturday who also has a QB issue.

And then this tweet:

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Ryan Thibodaux ‏@NotMrTibbs 5h5 hours ago

@ 153 ballots/~35%:

Bagwell 94%

Raines 91%

Pudge 85%

Vlad 77%

Hoff 72%

Edgar 71%

BB/RC 70%

Mussina 63%

Schilling 54%

It is going to happen.

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