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Happy New Year!

A lot of folks, particularly those of the Dem persuasion, are saying that 2016 s__ked. Not Commentary. It could have been better but that is the way it goes.

Look at the bright side. Here in Harris County we did A-Okay. It could be a sign of good things to come here locally.

On the national scene, Commentary has lost all confidence in our national Dem Party leaders or the so-called DC Dem elite. For starters, they need to look at themselves in the mirror then do away with the super delegates – one of the most stupid Dem Party rules ever. It promotes Dem elitism and elitism is the last thing we need right now. Elitism produced one of the most flawed Dem presidential candidates ever.

Let’s hope the next national Dem Party chair listens to folks outside of DC.

On the bright side, we get to spend the next four years banging on the next administration and we are certainly going to have a lot of banging ammo.

You know we are going to have fun when the other side won’t even acknowledge that the President handing Russia some payback is a good thing.

Yippee ki-ya mother______!

Speaking of 2016, name the ‘Stro pitcher with the lowest 2016 team ERA?

I have to hand it to Brian Rosenthal of the Chron for his story on kids getting screwed out of Special Ed assistance in Texas.   He did a great service to the people of state with this story. In today’s Chron, the HISD superintendent is responding. Here is from the Chron today:

Superintendent Richard Carranza announced Thursday that the Houston Independent School District has decided to conduct a detailed review of the way that it serves students with disabilities.

The effort will include asking “independent, third-party experts to conduct a deep-dive analysis of our special education operation,” Carranza said.

The newly-hired superintendent announced the review in a statement, saying it would be the district’s “first order of business when the new year begins.”

“We will have a tough conversation about the importance of serving all children, regardless of any disability,” Carranza wrote. “Together, we will find solutions that serve our children because that is what Houston expects, and that is what Houston’s children deserve.”

The announcement came one day after the Houston Chronicle published a story detailing how Houston ISD has deliberately denied special education services to thousands of students with disabilities over the past decade.


The story has sparked outrage across Houston. On Wednesday, Bob Sanborn, the president of Children at Risk, a prominent advocacy group, called for the immediate firing of Houston ISD special education director Sowmya Kumar.

Somebody has to get fired so stay tuned on this.

Here is the entire Chron read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-ISD-to-review-its-special-education-10825621.php.

Nice job, Chron!

Chris Devenski of course led the team in 2016 with a 2.16 ERA.

Commentary is ending 2016 finally getting over my battle with poison ivy – I think. I am still dinged up though.

I hope you have a safe weekend. I also hope you enjoy time with friends and family.

Then I hope you start 2017 on the right note so have a Happy New Year!



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