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No They Don’t

The Chron has a story today on the Latino vote in Texas. Check this from the story:

At the same time, Texas Democrats face an uphill battle, according to Joshua Blank, manager of research and polling at the Texas Politics Project, a University of Texas political research and analysis group. Republicans, after all, control the majority of Texas’ government, and most of the state’s counties – by far – turned red again in this year’s election.

“Everybody understands trends, but trends won’t make things competitive overnight,” Blank said. “You also have to look at how much Hispanics will vote for Democrats, and that’s not really known. It’s not as if the Hispanic vote will be uniformly Democratic. The reality is that many Hispanics in the state have grown up in a political culture that is Republican.” 

Tom Mechler, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, agreed, saying “our challenge is with messaging. For way too long, we have let the Democratic Party control the messaging for minorities. Our job is to get the minority community to see that our values match up with theirs.”

Here is the read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Future-of-Texas-politics-in-the-hands-of-Hispanic-10818540.php?cmpid=btfpm.

No they don’t. The GOP’s values don’t match up with ours. Your nominee for president demonized many in our community. Those are values we don’t share. Sorry. That’s why you only received 19% of our vote.

Who played the most 162 game seasons, Jeff Bagwell or Craig Biggio?

I guess they will call this an affair to remember. See here from Politico:


Remember when I said this on Friday:

Yesterday, Tags tweeted this:

“Last Christmas” by Wham is the worst Christmas song ever.

It turns out it was the last Christmas. I wonder if Tags will single out another tune next year.

Bagwell had 4 162 game seasons and Biggio 3 of course.

I got some ‘Stros gear yesterday. Thanks.


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