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No Latinos, Again

Politico has a story on Latinos being left out of the Donald Trump administration. Commentary is certainly not losing any sleep over this.  I kind of agree with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s take on the matter here from Politico:

Richardson said Trump also likely faced a shortage of talent who supported him and wanted to join the administration.

“No established Republican Hispanic endorsed him,” he said. “So there’s not many people to pick from. You take the top Latino leaders. A lot of them endorsed Hillary. He doesn’t have a lot of options. These people weren’t with him. And now he’s not going to pick him.”

Here is the entire read: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/donald-trump-hispanics-gingrich-cabinet-232907.

Like I said yesterday, Trump demonized many in our community and only got 19% of our vote. Why would we want to be part of his administration? Which Latino or Latina with half a brain would want to be a part of his deal?

ESPN announced their early Sunday night baseball schedule and the ‘Stros are on. Guess who we play and where and when?

I saw a tweet last night from Fox News where some fella said that Dems should give Trump a chance. I agree. About as much of a chance as the GOP gave President Obama when he first came to office.

From the looks of Trump’s cabinet picks, it looks like that Bannon fellow has a lot of influence.

My Dad was recognized yesterday at the H-Town City Hall for his involvement with the Little School of 400. He made a nice brief speech.

The ‘Stros of course play at Yankee Stadium the evening of Sunday, May 14.

That is all I have from The Yard.

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