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Christmas Greed

For obvious reasons, I am not doing an MLB question today. I got this from the team yesterday:

We are ramping up for another exciting season of Astros baseball and look forward to seeing you back in the ballpark! Today, we want to share a couple of important updates regarding your 2017 Season Ticket delivery.

The default ticket delivery option this season is our digital ticketing program, which makes managing your tickets even easier and more convenient than ever before! You can access, transfer and upgrade your tickets from your smartphone or mobile device in seconds through the MLB.com Ballpark App, or print them from the My Tickets portal on your personal computer.

As we draw closer to Opening Day, you can begin to manage your Season Tickets through the digital ticketing program and get more information about the team and special offers all season long. As a special gift for utilizing your digital tickets, Season Ticket Holders will receive limited-edition, printed Commemorative 2017 Opening Day Tickets, free of charge. More information on our digital ticketing platform can be found at Astros.com/TicketTechnology.

If you would still like to receive printed tickets for the 2017 season, please contact your Account Manager by January 6th. Printed tickets will cost $125 per seat.

Sorry, I am not going to fork over another $250 over the thousands I am already and have already paid for my season tickets. This is a rip-off. This is ridiculous. They already jacked up the price of the tickets this season. If they want to cancel me out, they can.

Greedy, greedy, greedy!

Does it really cost $250 to print up my tickets?

Greedy, greedy, greedy.

I support this. Here is from the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez has told three senior Democrats that he intends to run for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, challenging the front-running candidate, Representative Keith Ellison, and inserting an ally of President Obama into the contest to rebuild a bruised party.

Mr. Perez, who had also been considering a run for Maryland governor, is expected to reveal his plan to seek the D.N.C. chairmanship this week, according to Democratic officials briefed on his decision who requested anonymity to discuss private conversations. He did not respond to inquiries about his decision-making.

He has been wooed by prominent Democrats for weeks to seek the party post, a lobbying campaign that included entreaties from high-level allies of Mr. Obama. Mr. Perez, who has been on the phone with a number of Democratic governors and other party leaders, is expected to meet with the president himself to discuss the position this week.

While Mr. Obama may not offer a formal endorsement of his labor secretary’s candidacy, Mr. Perez will effectively have the imprimatur of the president who appointed him to his cabinet. Mr. Perez’s entry into the race could start a proxy battle between Democrats loyal to the Mr. Obama and those from the more liberal wing of the party represented by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is backing Mr. Ellison, a Minnesota progressive, for party chairman.

Here is the entire read: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/12/us/politics/thomas-perez-democratic-national-committee.html?_r=0.

This tweet is right about that punk, Mitt Romney:

Amanda Rykoff ‏@amandarykoff 13h13 hours ago

Amanda Rykoff Retweeted Bradd Jaffy

Shocker. He just wanted to humiliate him and make him kiss the ring before dissing him. What a petty, vindictive tool.

Like I said, Romney’s a punk for sure.

Just Christmas greediness from The Yard these days.

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