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Dem Messaging

Commentary said this on Friday:

I think it is pretty safe and sad to say that Breitbart was a winner this past election.

Let me add this:

I think it is pretty safe and sad to say that Russia was a winner this past election.

Heck, Russia even gets to pick the next Secretary of State.

I sure hope the President has some payback in store for Russia before he leaves office.

Name the MLB pitcher who tossed the most strikeouts this past season?

It was a 27 vote difference in the HISD Trustee runoff race that ended this past Saturday out of 6,545 who voted in the race. Another voter over-voted on their mail ballot. Another two voters under-voted on their mail ballots. Another 9 under-voted on the gizmos.

It is not a surprise that a recount has been requested.

I did a city council district race way back in the ‘90s and in the first go-around we went to bed on election night with a 12 vote lead over the third place finisher and we were headed to a runoff. The next day we got a call from the county clerk who informed us that a box of ballots had not been counted and when they were counted that morning we were in third place – 13 votes out. We asked for a recount and made up 12 votes and missed the runoff by a vote – yes, a single vote.

A few years ago, I was involved in a stand alone runoff like the one HISD just had and over 2,000 folks voted and we lost by like 42 votes. That still hurts.

I was in involved in a legislative recount back in the ‘80s and one candidate prevailed over the other by like 13 votes.

There is a story today in Politico on national Dem messaging these days. Here are parts of the story.

As Donald Trump’s inauguration draws near, Democrats fear they remain woefully unprepared to fight the new president’s agenda.

The party loses its standard-bearer once President Barack Obama leaves office, and the Democratic National Committee won’t get a permanent chairman and staff until March, two months into the presidency. That Democratic power vacuum has raised concerns about the party’s ability to provide a united message — or even to stand up a centralized rapid response operation — for the president’s first 100 days in office.


It’s a very serious concern. I just went on TV twice today on Fox and MSNBC on the Cabinet appointments and I winged it,” said Bill Richardson, the former New Mexico governor and 2008 presidential candidate. “You need something right now. Trump every day is doing something outrageous. What do we do? Criticize everything he does? Hold back a bit? I know we need to develop an economic message but that’s long term. We need something now. Most of the Democrats I talk to are down, and they’re asking who’s in charge.”


Democrats are hardly without any response. The DNC’s opposition research department has been working overtime since Trump was elected while the communications staff cranks out a nonstop stream of pro-Obama and anti-Trump press releases. Party officials have also been in touch with Senate and House leadership communications and research teams to work out the plan moving forward, particularly as Trump seeks to confirm his cabinet picks.

But the party was caught flat-footed by Trump’s victory, and there was no detailed contingency plan in the event Hillary Clinton was defeated. The widespread expectation was that President Clinton’s handpicked choice for DNC chairman would take over on January 21, a day after the inauguration. That Democrat — likely a prominent figure practiced in both fundraising and television pontificating — would be armed with a building brimming with operatives shipped down from Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters.

Here is the entire article: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/democrats-donald-trump-232491.

It is not that difficult folks. Just be relentless on calling out his lies and calling him a liar. Be relentless in going after his choices. Be relentless in going after his ethics. Be relentless in going after his policies. Just stay in his face.

Max Scherzer of course led the bigs with 284 strikeouts.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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