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100 Today

Kirk Douglas is 100 today. Wow!

In a 1958 flick, he was killed by a character named Erik.

In a 1960 flick, he kills a character named Antoninus.

Erik and Antoninus were played by the same actor who is no longer with us. Name the actor and the flicks.

How about Tony Curtis played Erik in “The Vikings” in 1958 and Antoninus in “Spartacus” of course in 1960. So now you know.

Kirk Douglas was in a lot of great flicks. One of my favorites is “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”.

Everybody knows that in the 2012 MLB Amateur Player Draft, our first pick was Carlos Correa. Who was our second pick in 2012?

Memo to those who don’t like straight ticket voting in Texas.  Remember the long lines during early voting?  Just think how irritated the voters will be when they no longer have a straight ticket option?

I think it is pretty safe and sad to say that Breitbart was a winner this past election. If you watch their tweets, they are doing a pretty good job of rubbing it in.

Well, this is settled. Check this tweet:

Joseph Duarte Verified account ‏@Joseph_Duarte 29m29 minutes ago

BREAKING: University of Houston has hired offensive coordinator Major Applewhite as its next head football coach

Good for him.

Well, this tweet:

TR Sullivan ‏@Sullivan_Ranger 9m9 minutes ago

Rangers news. …former manager Bobby Valentine being considered by Donald Trump to be ambassador to Japan…..Tom Schieffer’s old position

Just a refresher from Fox Sports:

June 9, 1999. An otherwise normal day on the MLB calendar turned historically significant when New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine found the most creative of ways to respond to an ejection.

In the 12th inning of what would be a 14-inning game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Mets catcher Mike Piazza was called for catcher’s interference. Valentine argued and was tossed.

An ejected manager is supposed to leave the field and catch the rest of the game from the clubhouse, but Valentine had other ideas. He returned to the dugout wearing sunglasses and a fake mustache in a humorous attempt to elude detection.

Major League Baseball didn’t enjoy the ruse so much. The league fined Valentine $5,000 and suspended two games for the antics.

Is Curt Schilling next? How about Bob Knight and Lou Holtz?

You could spend hours commenting on the announcements that have been made.

Lance McCullers of course was our second pick in the 2012 draft.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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