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No and Puppet Chair

Carlos Beltran will be wearing the number 15 as expected.   This is an easy one. Who wore the number 15 from 2010 through this past season?

No, no, no! This is a bad idea. And it is not an age thing just because he is 74 and would be 78 in 2020. We just need others to step up. Here is from a Politico story today:

Vice President Joe Biden is leaving his options open for 2020.

After presiding over the Senate Tuesday, where a cancer-treatment bill was renamed to honor his late son Beau, Biden spoke to reporters about his final days in the Senate before saying he was “going to run again.”

“Yeah I am. I am going to run, in 2020,” he said, with reporters responding with chuckles.

When asked what he was going to run for, he said: “For president, and also you know what, what the hell man.”

Biden was asked if he was kidding about running. After a pause, he said he was not “committing to anything.”

“I’m not committing to not running. I’m not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening,” Biden said.

Biden considered running for president this year, but decided against it after Beau died from cancer in May 2015.

If he wanted the job, he should have stepped up this past go-around.

The New York Times tweeted this earlier today:

Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser helped spread fake news stories on social media

This is the new new so to speak. What is the problem? The next national security adviser works for a guy who lies all the time. The new new.

I am thinking some local Dem folks want a puppet chair. Who cares? Latinos don’t. Local Latino voters did their thing here last month because of what they saw on Telemundo and Univision. For Latino voters, it wasn’t a Dem Party thing.

Here is from Kuffer on the local Dem Party chair thing:

Here’s the Chron story, which at this time doesn’t have any new information. This was announced at the Sunday CEC meeting, which I missed because I’m lame and had too many other things going on. I think Lewis has done a good job as HCDP Chair. Most people I talk to have a positive opinion of him, and the electoral results have been pretty good. The mail ballot program he instituted has been a success. Most importantly, there has been fairly little infighting, which is always a concern. There are still various fiefdoms within the county (and the state) that do their own thing and make it hard to tell who’s responsible for what – to be fair, I doubt any Chair could change this – and Lewis’ run for City Council in 2013 while still serving as Chair ruffled some feathers and opened questions about conflicts of interest that were never really addressed. I’d like to see the next Chair, whom I will get to help select, deal with that, and I’d like to see a more focused approach to stating and achieving our goals for 2018 and beyond. I will give some thoughts to what I want to see in the next HCDP Chair and write them up in the next few days. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from those who want to be that Chair shortly. My thanks to Lane Lewis for all his hard work at this often thankless job. Enjoy your retirement and best of luck at whatever comes next.

Like I said. I think some folks want a puppet. Someone they can control. I guess they call that democracy.

Jason Castro of course wore the 15 for the past seven seasons.

Here is a tweet from MLB’s Richard Justice.

Projected AL West standings via @fangraphs: Astros 91-71, Angels 85-77, Mariners 85-77, Rangers 82-80, A’s 78-84.



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