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The Chron Again

It looks like World Serious home field advantage will not be determined by who wins the MLB All Star Game. When did the MLB All Star Game winner home field advantage rule first take effect?

Commentary has been a Chron subscriber like for decades. Is subscribing a civic duty?

Should we be supporting our local newspaper?

Yesterday, at H-Town City Hall, tons of newsies were in attendance to cover the confirmations of the new Police and Fire Chiefs. After the Chiefs were confirmed, most of the newsies hit the road, prompting this tweet that included two photos from the Chron’s Rebecca Elliott, the City Hall beat reporter. The photos were one with a bank of TV cameras and one without the cameras. Her tweet:

Media in chambers as #houcouncil prepares to pass laws. Right: Media to witness police, fire chief confirmations 3 hours prior.

Then the Chron’s Mike Morris, also a City Hall beat reporter, retweeted Rebecca with this:

There is no better case for newspapers. Don’t subscribe because of Trump (OK, that too). Subscribe because we’re the only ones watching.

Then this was on my next door yesterday followed by the comments:

Just a heads up – if you are one of the few that actually gets a newspaper delivered to your casa .. the Chronicle is now charging a ‘Premium Paper’ charge. At Thanksgiving and upcoming at Christmas – there’s an extra $5 charge for this … what is it? As i understand it .. a bunch of ads & coupons! I called & had the charges removed. The rep said that “i can save the entire cost of the paper if I use the coupons!” right … I just want the paper. They also charge for a Premium Sports Book .. that shows up in your paper for I think $10 once or twice or more a year. All of these items without advance notice or agreement….altho I’m sure on page 73 of the contract in 4 pt font, is an agreement that states that I will pay for it. Chronicle will remove these charges, but you have to request them to do it…after you become aware of it! jus’ saying…

Yep! Chronicle did that to me a year ago. I kept seeing additional charges show up on my credit card because I was an EZPay customer. I had to call each time and get the charges removed because I … View more didn’t authorize them. I told them so many times I did not want the premium papers. They told me each time I called to complain they would no longer charge me for these premium papers then they did so anyway! I got so tired of calling customer service and spending hours on the phone with someone who could not speak English well that I ultimately canceled my subscription. I miss the coupons but it wasn’t worth the constant hassle.

Chronicle has a one star rating on Yelp. You just have to read a few sample comments to realize they are all related to overbilling and EZ pay issues.

This is exactly why I discontinued taking the paper. Extra charges, poor delivery service and a lot less content did it for me. Sad.

Too many hidden charges. Increased my rate within my 1 year paid up subscription. I just discontinued the paper yesterday.

I even followed their instructions on how to remove the sports extra from my account yet I’m still billed it monthly. Drives me crazy and I want to get off ez pay for this reason. Thanks for the heads up for yet another charge.

I didn’t even get my Thanksgiving paper this year…so they better not charge me. I don’t even know who my rep is

i just stopped taking the paper after being a subscriber for 45 years. got a bill for $96.95—that was for 8 weeks. last august, it was $78.95. so i called and told them i wanted to discontinue … View more the paper. i was put on hold and when she came back, she said ‘how about $68.95? would you keep your subscription for that?’ i said NO, that it really made me want to stop it even more. it all seems arbitrary and dishonest to me. the digital version is just awful, but that’s what i’m doing. kept the sunday edition but that’s it.

I canceled my subscription a few mos ago due to their awful business practices including not providing a detailed billing statement, the added “special issue” charges, etc. I had been a supporter of … View more local journalism and a subscriber for most of my adult life. A friend called me up, (having heard me whine about it) and said she was at some “event’ sponsored by the chronicle. There was a subscription kiosk there, and they were offering a year’s subscription for 39 bucks. She asked them to double it to two years. They did. Then she asked if she could call some friends for the deal, and they said yes. I gave the woman my info, and she called the next day and gave me the same deal, including, she said, no charges for any special editions. (it was a digital subscriptions, plus the Wed and Sun print edition.) That was about three weeks ago, and so far, so good. So I’m getting the paper for about a dime a day. I only bring this up, because the “event” was one of their monthly “meet the editor” events that are open to the public. (They present a talk by one of their authors or editors on their subject matter, etc.) I’m ASSUMING that they would have that kiosk or subscriptions specials at these events. In fact, there is one tonight… maybe someone would like to go and see if this is true? You could also take the time to “air grievances.” I feel a bit guilty about such a cheap rate, but glad I’m still receiving the local news and paying something for it. If the offer goes south or they botch it up, I’ll let you know. http://marketing.chron.com/meet_the_edit…

“I even followed their instructions on how to remove the sports extra from my account yet…” Irene can you share how you did that?

Canceled mine several year ago. Kept getting less news and more ads.

I had to go to the digital subscription because they could not consistently deliver to my house. The digital issue was not up the day after Thanksgiving. They can’t even deliver an e-paper consistently! Terrible.

Ulrich – to Opt Out of the Texas Sports Nation follow this link: http://marketing.chron.com/tsnopt-out I agree with the others that the Chronicle frequently disappoints, but I still support it as we … View more need local journalists to keep the politicians in check. The big expose they had recently about the TEA cap on special ed spending in Texas was great, and looks like it is creating change in Austin. Earned back some credibility in my book.

I did go digital for Houston Chronicle and New York Times! I am satisfied but miss the actual process of reading a paper copy!

So, I got invited to the first Meet the Editor thing that they had. The senior editor started off the presentation with the Chronicle logo on the huge color backdrop behind her. The logo was imposed … View more on the skyline…. of Dallas! No one with the paper noticed or cared to change it. The first question from the audience was “Why do you have the Dallas skyline not the Houston skyline? They had no clue or did not care.

Thanks for this post. Just spoke with subscriber services and they are removing those charges moving. Even though “90% of subscribers enjoy them.”

wow. that’s pretty sad. btw, I got the date wrong for the next meet the editor… it’s Dec. 7th.

One of the reasons I canceled my subscription.

The Chronicle’s business practices leave a lot to be desired. I threatened to cancel, and it turned into a car haggling negotiation re how much I would pay. I am glad I keep on: their scoop on the special ed. story alone is worth supporting, for instance. Just wish they would be a more open about their billing practices.

So what is the going rate for the daily paper (for those who’ve been a subscriber for years)? Since we don’t receive an itemized invoice, I have no idea what “normal” Is anymore. In reviewing my payment history, I went from $29.40 in January to $40 since September! This is ridiculous! Anyone know what the monthly cost of the paper should be for daily delivery?

I just changed to 5 day vs 7 day. They quoted me $20/day. I also stopped them from using EZ pay so I can see a statement before paying them anything.

Irene, I think it’s supposed to be $20 for 5 days, but as we all seem to have experienced it doesn’t stay there.

Thanks everyone, and thank you Jim for starting this post because it made me look at my charges more carefully. I just got off the phone with subscriber services and a 7 day paper is supposed to be

A lot of these are BS. Get over it!

The Chron can probably do a better job of explaining subscription rates.

You don’t always agree with their editorial takes. We certainly need a newspaper like the Chron. They keep us informed.

What would we do without it? Just saying.

The MLB All Star Game winner determining home field advantage first took effect in 2003 of course.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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