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Failed Dem Leadership

Commentary has made it pretty clear. I am not happy with our national Dem leadership. They let us down this year for sure.

They anointed a candidate for president who had a difficult time winning the nomination. They anointed a candidate who lost states we were not supposed to lose.

It is easy to put blame just on the candidate. But we also need to place blame on those Dem leaders who endorsed her early and pretty much cleared the field for her.

I hope this never happens again – ever. I hope our next nominee truly emerges from the grass roots.  And while I am at it, tell me why we should keep super delegates?

Two former ‘Stros combined to hit 60 dingers for the Brewers this past season. Name the two?

Speaking of failed Dems. I know this is a longshot, but I hope Cong. Nancy Pelosi is replaced as Minority Leader. Tell me why I am wrong, please. I just think we need new folks leading the fight for the next four years.

Here is from a story on MSN today:

The 76-year-old Pelosi has been promising some changes to assuage concerns in her caucus, including adding a member of the freshmen class to her leadership team. But her proposals do little to ensure new blood at the very top or change the seniority system that has key committees led by lawmakers in their 80s at a moment when the party needs to be defending President Barack Obama’s health care law and other initiatives.


Republicans are on track to hold at least 240 seats in the House next year. Democrats, who had high hopes of significant gains in the election, picked up just six seats on Election Day earlier this month and remain in the minority with 194 seats.

Here is the entire read: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/reckoning-for-pelosi-as-house-democrats-vote-for-leader/ar-AAkWQ75?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=UE01DHP.

Failed leadership for sure.

At least we did A-Okay here in Harris County even though the Dem Party had an effort and another group had an effort. What is up with that?

The Dem Party did a nice job with the mail ballot program.

Latinos showed up to vote in better numbers thanks to presidential coverage on Telemundo and Univision and the efforts of immigrant activist groups.

It also helped that we had two local outstanding candidates in Kim Ogg and Ed Gonzalez.

I still question why we have to have two separate Dem efforts though.

Chris Carter had 41 dingers and Jonathan Villar had 19 for the Brewers of course this past season. They are both former ‘Stros players.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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