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The Chron

Name the MLB player who hit 41 dingers last season who is now without a team?

I have to hand it to the Houston Chronicle for having back to back stories today and yesterday on H-Town and Latino politics. Nice job. Check the stories out here or go pick up a hard copy, please.



Of course, not everything comes up roses in the Chron. They have a front page story today on a local group who is saying without proof that millions of folks voted illegally three weeks ago. Why even have a story? Why give them pub? This is a fringe nut case group. Don’t put them on the front page.

I am not going to give you a link to the story – sorry.

Oh, well. You need to support your local newspaper.

Commentary isn’t watching CNN these days. Just tired of it. I am watching Hallmark channel Christmas movies though. I have one question for Hallmark. Are they ever going to feature Christmases of folks of color? I mean, the radio stations that are now playing the Christmas tunes have folks of color singing Christmas songs. Just saying.

Just for the heck of it, I went to check out NFL QB stats and guess what? The QB for the Texans is one of the worse rated. How about that.

Chris Carter, formerly of the Brewers, hit 41 diners last season and is now looking for a team of course.

Not much from The Yard today.

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