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A new candidate may emerge for DNC Chair. She is also the first female running – maybe. She also supports eliminating super delegates which is A-Ok with me. Here is from Politico:

Ilyse Hogue, president of the abortion-rights group NARAL, took a step closer to jumping into the race for Democratic National Committee chair by laying out her vision for the party.

In an email to DNC members on Monday, Hogue writes that she’s been encouraged to join the race and describes how the DNC is crucial to the success of the Democratic Party.

“I believe the DNC has a critical role to play in regrouping after 2016, one that fully embraces the [Paul] Wellstone triad approach to change: public policy that reflects peoples’ needs, grassroots organizing that honors peoples’ lived experience, and an electoral strategy that brings both to bear to ensure victory,” Hogue writes in the email set to go out Monday morning.

“The DNC can be not just a force every two years at election time, but also a daily presence in peoples’ lives, relevant in policy discussions and responsive to ideas and concerns of people where they live.”

Hogue’s email, obtained first by POLITICO, is the latest sign that the field to succeed interim-DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile, is likely to expand.

If Hogue did jump into the race she would join Rep. Keith Ellison, South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Jaime Harrison, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a former DNC chairman. Others are still considering running, including New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley, who has sent out similar thoughts on the DNC to members.

Hogue, in her email, asserts that “fighting Trump’s agenda has to be top priority for the party” and highlights the common ground shared by the party’s varied constituencies. 

“Fighting Wall Street greed and protecting women’s fundamental rights aren’t at odds, they’re intertwined. Recognizing these intersections will be critical to build momentum from the outset for the hard policy fights and for electoral accountability come mid-terms. Diversity is our strength and must be our aspiration and our future,” Hogue writes.

The NARAL president, who was a top Hillary Clinton surrogate, calls for some reforms advocated by Sen. Bernie Sanders, most notably eliminating superdelegates.

“There’s no doubt the party should have a place of honor for those who give their lives to it and their earned wisdom, but the idea of super delegates who might overturn the will of the voters is antithetical to the democratic principles we stand for,” Hogue continues.

Here is the entire read: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/ilyse-hogue-naral-dnc-231862.

She sounds like a winner to me.

There were a lot of Fidel Castro takes this past weekend.  Here is one from a noted Latino organization:

Statement by Willie Velasquez Institute President Antonio Gonzalez on the Passing of Fidel Castro: 

(November 26, 2016, Los Angeles, CA) Fidel Castro “El Comandante en Jefe” of the Cuban Revolution has passed away at 90 years of age. One is struck by the dichotomy of coverage in the media with outpourings of condolences and recognitions of Fidel’s legacy coming from the island, Latin America and the world countered by condemnations coming from the US. 

But that was Fidel. Unapologetically in favor of the victims of and resistors to imperialist domination and intervention Fidel Castro even in death outlives his critics. He inspired two generations of alternative thought and revolutionary action, however imperfect, by those who suffered the consequences of “blue eyed” imperialism. 

I say this as someone who was inspired by the Cuban Revolution along with a generation of young Chicano activists in the 1960’s and 70’s. We grew up with Fidel, reveling in Cuba’s profound advances in health care, education, human development and Cuba’s role in revolutions in Central America, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

And alternately we suffered with the island as Cuba reached the limits of Fidel’s socialist model and endured setbacks.  

I was not disheartened when Fidel left power in 2006 because I perceived that the era of US-Cuba hostility was also nearing an end. On this President Obama deserves thanks for his multiple actions to improve US-Cuba relations.  

Today we in the US, especially those of us with roots in Latin America, have a duty to redouble our efforts to help end the immoral US embargo on Cuba immediately. For our part WCVI rededicates itself to this historic task.

Fidel Castro Presente!

Name the MLB batter who drew the most walks this past season?

There ought to be a law. I am talking about not allowing one state university to just snatch the head football coach of another state university from the same state. Just saying.

Let’s see. Less than two months before you take office, you are tweeting about illegal votes and your staff is having a public spat over your pick for Secretary of State.  Under control for sure.

As far as Mitt Romney getting skewered, he deserves it for taking the meeting in the first place.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem doing a recount. Heck, we are ahead nationwide by over two million votes so why not have a check for unusual things.

Commentary is not going to get worked up over the QB situation at NRG.   I don’t have anything invested so to speak other than the three hours spent watching the flat screen yesterday.

AL MVP Mike Trout of course led MLB with 116 walks.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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