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Redneck Reddick

This is going to be brief.

The ‘Stros officially announced the signing of outfielder John Reddick. He will be wearing the 22. Who wore the 22 from 2004-2006?

GM Jeff Luhnow called Reddick a “perfect fit” and he certainly wasn’t talking about the H-Town community in general. Here is a tweet from Tags yesterday:

Reddick: “Texas is something that brings me closer to home, and it’s more my southern roots and I can hang out with rednecks a little more.”

You know how MLB has a program for young Latin American players to get them acclimated to life and culture in the USA. Maybe the ‘Stros ought to have a program for ‘necks like Reddick to get them acclimated to H-Town’s diversity.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some ‘necks in H-Town and the H-Town area but that is not our reputation – I think.

Maybe someone in the ‘Stros front office should give him the H-Town area zip codes of where ‘necks make up the majority of the population and see if he wants to get a crib there. Just saying.

The Rocket of course wore the 22 from 2004-2006.

There will be 13 of us for Thanksgiving Dinner today and we are all thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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