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Dems Not That Broken

Name the ‘Stro pitcher who made the most game appearances this past season?

A week ago this morning, Dems looked to be in great shape and now some folks are doing post mortems. I don’t know about that. Are Dems that broken?   Check this from Politico today:

“We’ve started to lose touch with white voters. They’re still the majority out there, and we can’t claim to be a big-tent party if we lose touch with working class voters, whether they’re black, white, blue, or red,” said DNC member Boyd Brown of South Carolina. “When you have Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer making the sale for you, that dog don’t hunt. It’s time to reshuffle the deck and get some younger folks in there with some more diverse backgrounds. It’s time for a leadership shakeup.”

I have a problem with what this fella just said. We had the President and the First Lady making the pitch for Dems the past few months after all.

Another point I would like to make is that we are winning the popular vote by over a million votes so what does that say? We are just hurting in some parts of the country and we need to address this.   I mean, look how we did in Harris County. Dems kicked arse here bigly.  We also did better in Texas.

More from the Politico story:

“In this election every key element of the Democratic coalition underperformed, and we need to do better,” said former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who is now considering a run for DNC chair after he fell short in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. “The strategy of narrowly defining the base and then micro-targeting it and texting it until it doesn’t turn out isn’t a winning strategy for the future.”

I don’t think we underperformed with Latinos. We held Donald Trump to 18% and here in Harris County we were a bigger share of the total vote.  If Gov. O’Malley doesn’t know this, I don’t know if he should be our DNC Chair.

Here is the entire Politico story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/democrats-barack-obama-comeback-231391.

The other piece to this is what the President said yesterday at his press conference. He basically said that Hillary and her campaign didn’t work hard enough and I have to agree. Here is from Politico:

“You know, I won Iowa not because the demographics dictated that I would win Iowa. It was because I spent 87 days going to every small town and fair and fish fry and VFW hall, and there were some counties where I might have lost, but maybe I lost by 20 points instead of 50 points,” Obama said. “There are some counties maybe I won that people didn’t expect because people had a chance to see you and listen to you and get a sense of who you stood for and who you were fighting for.”

We don’t need to redo the Dem Party. We just have to fix things that we got wrong this time around.

Ken Giles of course led ‘Stros pitcher with 69 appearances.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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