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Just Voting Earlier

Here in Harris County we did not set a record for turnout rate.   More people voted because we have more folks registered but we didn’t do better than 2008 or 2012 in terms of a turnout rate.

I guess folks just wanted to vote early and get it out of the way.

In 2008, we had a 62.81% turnout. In 2012, it was 61.99%. Tuesday’s was 61.25%.

In 2008, 343,919 voted straight ticket GOP. 391,488 voted straight ticket D. Barack Obama won Harris County over John McCain, 50.45% to 48.82%.

In 2012, 404,165 voted straight ticket GOP. 406,991 voted straight ticket D. President Obama received 49.39%, Mitt Romney received 49.31%.

Tuesday, 401,255 voted straight ticket GOP. 471,290 voted straight ticket D. Hillary Clinton received 54.16%, Donald Trump 41.78%.

Some folks were putting out misinformation yesterday. They said 29% of Latinos in the USA voted for Trump. Not true. Latino Decisions has it at 75% for Clinton and 18% for Trump.   I looked at a couple of hard core Latino precincts here in H-Town and it looks like Latino Decisions is on the mark,

There are a number of stories out today on the state of the Democratic Party. Who are our leaders? Who will be the next DNC chair. Commentary will say this. If our next leaders are decided by the DC Dem elite, we’re in trouble.   We need someone from outside of DC to step up. Stay tuned!

The Silver Slugger Award winners will be announced this evening. When was the last time a ‘Stro won a Silver Slugger?

Kuffer has a take today on the HISD Trustee race. Check it here:

– As noted yesterday, Anne Sung will face John Luman in the runoff for HISD Trustee in District VII. Sung received 46.80% of the vote to Luman’s 29.25%; Victoria Bryant was in third with 17.03%, so Sung was a smidgeon ahead of the two top Republicans. I can’t wait to see the canvass data for this one, but there are two things to keep in mind. One, the universe of voters will be much smaller in December, and two, there were 35,819 votes cast in this race with 25,230 undervotes. That is, over 40% of the people who had this race on their ballot did not vote in it, most likely because they didn’t know anything about it or because they voted straight ticket and didn’t scroll down the ballot from there. That won’t be the case in December. If a precinct analysis shows that Hillary Clinton carried that district, it will be hard to see those undervotes as anything but a missed opportunity; Sung fell short of a majority by about 1200 votes, so it wouldn’t have taken much to push her across the finish line.

I did one of these runoffs back in 2010. It is a different ballgame when you have a stand-alone runoff. It is hard to get voters to pay attention. Both candidates start off even if you ask me and you should ask me because I have done one of these.

Jose Altuve of course won the Silver Slugger Award last season – 2015.

Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today. Just saying.

Congrats to Dallas Keuchel for winning another Gold Glove Award.

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