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Way To Go, Ana!

Yeah, sure! This tweet from last night:

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 12m12 minutes ago

Chris Wallace on #ElectionDay: “I just want…whoever loses to concede graciously & say what unites us…is more than what divides us.”

Will it happen? Stay tuned!

Commentary has to hand it to CNN commentator Ana Navarro for announcing she was voting for Hillary Clinton or should I say voting against Donald Trump. She is a Florida voter, so she knows about the importance of a vote.

I must say that I might have called her out a couple or so years ago for sticking to the GOP talking points. This year, she didn’t fall in line for Trump and she stuck to her guns. She has been outspoken this year and at times provided takes that made me laugh. Here in her words on her vote:

I voted against Donald Trump because I am an immigrant. Trump has spent this campaign focusing on the very bad things done by a very small group of very bad immigrants. He has portrayed immigrants as criminals, rapists, and murderers. He does not talk about the contributions immigrants have made to America. He does not talk about immigrants who have made this a better and stronger country. He does not talk about the thousands and thousands of immigrant names that fill the Vietnam Wall in Washington or that are carved on so many headstones in every US military cemetery around the world.

I voted against Donald Trump because I am Hispanic. On June 16, 2015, the first day of his campaign, Trump called Mexicans “rapists.” I was not born in Mexico. I am not of Mexican descent. But I knew he was also talking about me.

I voted against Donald Trump for every American who looks and sounds like me. Because we love this country. We are proud of this country. We stand as equals in the United States of America.

Here is her entire take: http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/07/opinions/navarro-republican-voting-for-clinton/index.html.

Commentary will keep it on CNN for the most part this evening. Hey, I’ve been watching their coverage all year. I am sticking with them.

I sure hope the media at the Trump election night party this evening hired extra security.

Go vote, please!

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