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As of this past Friday here in Harris County, we had a 45% voter turnout. So, who is voting tomorrow?

For the next three days, Commentary is skipping the MLB questions and news from The Yard.

As far as the GOP goes, their wish came through.  They pi__ed off Latino voters and now are facing a devastating backlash.

Commentary loves this “wall” line from a story in Politico today. Check this:

LAS VEGAS—The line Friday evening stretched outside Cardenas Market in Las Vegas, teeming with Hispanic voters eager to cast ballots.

Many had to wait for hours on the last day of a fortnight of early voting in Nevada, plied by food and exhortations from activists who didn’t have to do much. Election officials had to keep the polling place open an extra three hours to accommodate the line, which was described thusly on Twitter by Yvanna Cancela, the political director for the majority Hispanic Culinary union:

“Looks like Trump got his wall after all. A wall of beautiful voters.”

Here is the entire article: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/11/election-2016-nevada-harry-reid-clinton-trump-early-vote-latinos-214426.

It is looking like Latino voters are a major force for sure. Check these tweets from the New York Times this past weekend:

Early voting surged among Hispanics in key swing states, new data show. It’s a possible sign of strength for Clinton

Hillary Clinton Appears to Gain Late Momentum on Surge of Latino Voters

By the way, the New York Times is taking down its paywall for the next three days.

Here is from Politico:

Hispanic voters could be poised to deliver a historic rebuke to Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Early-vote statistics from battleground states with large Hispanic populations show record turnout among a bloc that has voted at a lower rate than whites or blacks in past elections. If, as some polls suggest, Hispanic voters are supporting Hillary Clinton by blowout margins, these numbers could sink Trump in a handful of states that are essential to his path to 270 electoral votes. 

In Nevada, Latino turnout propelled Democrats in Clark County — the population center that’s home to Las Vegas — to a record-breaking close on Friday, driving up the Democratic lead in early ballots cast to 72,000. That’s enough, according to veteran Nevada political analyst Jon Ralston, to essentially tie a bow on the state for Clinton.

Four years earlier, when Obama won the state by seven points, Democrats led Clark County in ballots cast by 71,000 at the end of early voting in 2012.

State GOP Chairman Michael McDonald responded to the sudden electoral tremors Saturday by suggesting there were shady dealings behind surge, referring to “a certain group.”

 “Last night, in Clark County, they kept a poll open till 10 o’clock at night so a certain group could vote,” said McDonald at a Trump rally in Reno. “It wasn’t in an area that normally has high transition. The polls are supposed to close at 7. This was kept open till 10. Yeah, you feel free right now? Think this is a free or easy election?”
Here is the entire read: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/latino-vote-surge-donald-trump-campaign-230804.

And from The Hill

Trump’s yearlong campaign of advocating draconian immigration policies created a yearlong period of intense worry and anger from Hispanic leaders, Hispanic media and Hispanic voters, from communities to churches. This yearlong Trump campaign created a viral backlash that has built increasing antagonism toward Republicans throughout the Hispanic community, and this viral backlash became a powerful motivating and organizing vehicle that is reaching a crescendo in early voting and Election Day turnout that is giving Clinton and Democrats a huge boost. The GOP problem and the Democrat’s advantage with Hispanics began before the political explosion that Trump ignited. For years Democrats had proposed immigration reforms that would have strengthened enforcement while being fair, just and decent to immigrants. When Senate Republicans reached a major bipartisan agreement with Democrats over immigration that should have become law, the GOP had a golden opportunity to reach out to Hispanic voters while improving enforcement. Republicans blew it.

When the great compromise over immigration in the Senate was sabotaged by House Republicans, followed by Trump taking immigration positions that was hostile to Hispanics, the die was cast for a great awakening and political uprising of Hispanic voters. Make no mistake, the sleeping giant has been awakened. The realigning potential of the Hispanic surge for Democrats is real. The impact on the presidential election and campaigns for the Senate and House will be substantial in 2016, and if Republicans continue on their current course they will regret it. American politics will never be the same.

Here is the entire story: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/304543-the-hispanic-sleeping-giant-has-awakened.

How about this for real time results tomorrow. This is from Politico:

Ever since Jimmy Carter’s early concession in 1980 was blamed for losses to down-ballot Democrats in Western states, both politicians and media outlets have been religious about not reporting the results until everyone’s voted.

But that’s all about to change, starting early Tuesday morning.

This year, a handful of different projects are underway to disrupt the rhythm and flow of information on Election Day — including one controversial effort that some worry could affect the actual election results.

Slate and Vice News have partnered with Votecastr, a company helmed by Obama and Bush campaign veterans, to provide real-time projections of how the candidates are faring in each state throughout the day. They expect to begin posting projections at 8 a.m. Eastern time on Election Day — a dramatic departure from current practice, where representatives from a consortium of news organizations (The Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News) huddle in a quarantine room without cell phones, poring over the earliest exit poll data but declining to release anything that points to an election result until all the polls have closed.

Here is the entire story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/exit-polls-under-siege-230847.

I will check it out.

I am thinking Dems are sitting pretty here in Harris County going into tomorrow. Like a countywide sweep kind of pretty.

One more day!

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