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Final Week

We have a week to go and here in Harris County we have a 29% voter turnout through yesterday. Not bad.

Polls are showing the email stuff isn’t moving the needle. I told you. Now it is all about who is voting.

I am not looking for a November surprise or even a Russian surprise.

Commentary is not a fan of the candidate surrogate paid talking heads on CNN. It would be much more informative if they just had journalists.   The surrogates just spew the campaign talking points. I tune them out. I am not going to touch on the Donna Brazile CNN thing. Why?

It is a business issue – I guess.   It only impacts around 10,000 voters so why should the rest of us folks care?  I am talking about the wet/dry election in the Heights. The Chron today gives it some run on the front page of their business section. Here is a part:

Largely at stake is the proposed development of a new H-E-B on a former Fiesta site at 2300 N. Shepherd.

H-E-B wants to buy the property but said it needs to be able to sell wine and beer in order for the store to be economically feasible.

“From a business proposition, if I spend $25 or $30 million building a store, I also need to make sure it can earn a fair return,” said Scott McClelland, Houston division president for H-E-B.

The San Antonio-based grocer has put more than $60,000 into the coalition, according to finance reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Battle-over-Heights-dry-area-bubbles-up-10424944.php.

Now do you care? How about doing a story on the HISD proposition?

Commentary has enjoyed watching the current World Serious and I will watch it tonight.

I am skipping the MLB question today and nothing from The Yard either.

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