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8 Days a Week

We have eight days to go and here in Harris County we have a 26% voter turnout through yesterday. Not bad.

Texas is no longer a toss-up state according to realclearpolitics.com. Hey, it was fun while it lasted.

Alan Ashby will no longer be calling ‘Stros games. As a ‘Stro, Ashby caught three no-nos. Name the three pitchers who threw the no-nos?

About 10,000 or so voters are eligible to decide the Heights wet/dry issue. There are two pro/con op-eds in today’s Chron. I know this isn’t scientific, but it looks like the Keep Heights Dry side has more signs in yards.

If you are a Dem here in Harris County, you have to feel good about a couple of stories in today’s Chron. There is one on the rise of straight ticket voting and one on more Muslims voting Dem this year.

This email stuff isn’t going to move the needle. Sorry. The FBI director is getting what he deserves. He knew what he was stepping into.

It looks like more Latinos are voting in Harris County and that is without a lot of paid media ads. In 2012, 7,014 voted early at Ripley. Through yesterday, 6,190 had voted at Ripley. Just saying.

Alan Ashby caught no-nos tossed by Ken Forsch, Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott of course.

Nothing else from The Yard today.


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