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Enthusiasm Factor?

Former HISD Trustee Olga Gallegos left us yesterday. She was a longtime dedicated public servant. She will be missed.

According to RealClearPolitics.com., Texas is still a toss-up state.

Here are comparisons of Early Voting Day 1 for 2012 and 2016.

West Gray: 2556 and 3158.

Champions Forest: 2657 and 2311.

Kingwood: 1619 and 1741.

Bear Creek: 1636 and 1593.

Tomball: 1475 and 1563.

Acres Homes: 1275 and 1398.

Palm Center: 886 and 1185.

Sunnyside: 1137 and 1524.

Ripley: 460 and 1120.

Moody (Holy Name): 506 and 1100.

HCC Southeast: 659 and 971.

It is only Day 1 so you can make your own analysis. The doubling of voters at Ripley and Moody is interesting. Looks like they were ready to vote. That is what I would call an enthusiasm factor. We have not seen that with Latino voters like ever.

I am skipping the MLB question today.

Burkablog’s R.G. Ratcliffe has a take today on the vote in Texas:

Throughout this election, I’ve been skeptical that Hillary Clinton could carry Texas, even as polls suggested the gap in support between her and Donald Trump is closing. But there is a wild card that might make it possible: There are 532,000 more registered Hispanic surname voters this year than in 2012.


Trump has been playing to the worst fears of white voters around the county by demanding the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico and decrying Mexican immigrants as “criminals, drug dealers, rapists,” and “bad hombres” with the caveat that “some, I assume, are good people.” The problem with that rhetoric in Texas is that many of the new registered Hispanic voters here likely are the U.S. born children of undocumented immigrants who arrived in the late 1980s and early 1990s. When Trump talks the way he has, he is talking about their mothers and their fathers.

Texas this year, according to the Secretary of State’s office, has a record 15 million registered voters, an increase of 1.7 million over 2012. Hispanic surname voters account for 30 percent of that increase. In Harris County, the number of Hispanic voters has increased by more than 91,000 in the past eight years; 69,000 in Bexar County; and 46,000 in Dallas County. Statewide, there are 3.5 million registered Hispanic surname voters this year, 23 percent of the total number of registered voters in Texas.

The odds remain low for Clinton to carry Texas. If she does, Republicans can blame Trump, and Democrats can praise the strength of a new Hispanic voting bloc.

Here is all of R.G.’s take: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/texas-sees-surge-latino-voters/.

Like I have been saying, this election is in large part about Latinos.

Just look at this from the Tribune:

A leading Hispanic Republican in Texas says he has decided to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Lionel Sosa, a veteran ad maker from San Antonio, told The Texas Tribune on Monday he will cast his ballot for Clinton to send a “clear statement” against Republican nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy. 

“I want to make sure that I do everything I can to see that Trump doesn’t get elected,” said Sosa, who has worked for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. “I’m doing this because I don’t think he’s a good representative of the Republican Party. It’s not the Republican Party I know.” 

Here is the entire Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2016/10/24/top-hispanic-republican-texas-will-vote-clinton/.

Come home? I have heard that before. Here is from Politico:

Mike Pence is pushing a new message for the final two weeks of the campaign, and it’s aimed squarely at Republicans wavering on support for Donald Trump: “It’s time to come home.” And:

“It’s time to come home and elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States,” Pence said. “It’s time to come home and re-elect Republican majorities in the United States House and the United States Senate. … It’s time to come home and come together and do everything in our power to make sure that Hillary Clinton is never elected president of the United States of America.”

Here is all of the Pence piece: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/mike-pence-republicans-home-trump-230259.

Sound familiar? Here is from George McGovern’s acceptance speech at the 1972 Democratic National Convention:

From secrecy and deception in high places; come home, America. 

From military spending so wasteful that it weakens our nation; come home, America. 

From the entrenchment of special privileges in tax favoritism; from the waste of idle lands to the joy of useful labor; from the prejudice based on race and sex; from the loneliness of the aging poor and the despair of  the neglected sick — come home, America. 

Come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. Come home to the conviction that we can move our country forward. 

Come home to the belief that we can seek a newer world, and let us be joyful in that homecoming, for this “is your land, this land is my land — from California to New York island, from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters — this land was made for you and me.”

The World Serious starts tonight and nothing again from The Yard.

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