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RealClearPolitics.com has Texas as a toss-up state this morning. How about that? Last night, Channel 11 reported on the latest Texas poll which has Secretary Hillary Clinton 3 points down. Now it is getting interesting here locally. Now aren’t you proud to be a toss-up?

The HISD Proposition One measure made it to my Next Door page yesterday. Check this:

Scott Hochberg, former state representative of southwest Houston from 1993-2013, who served as a member of the House Committee on Public Education his entire 20 years in the Legislature:

“Voting no is like giving away your garage to avoid paying property taxes on your house.

That’s why no district in the state has ever chosen the option of having property removed instead of sending a check. It’s a bad deal. The argument for voting no is that it will ‘send a message’ to the legislature that it needs to fix the school funding system, and the legislature will obey.

Maybe, but I served 20 years in the Texas Legislature working on these issues, and I don’t buy it. It’s not a bet I would make, much less risk HISD taxpayers’ money on.

First, HISD overestimates its influence on the Legislature. It’s just one of more than 1,000 school districts, most of which are far poorer in property per student than HISD. True, it’s the largest, but even so it represents fewer than 5 percent of the students in the state. It’s a large fish, but in a much larger pond. Districts with more political influence have been paying recapture for years, and that hasn’t forced a major change.”

Nobody knows school finance in Houston or for that matter in Texas better than Scott. When he was in the legislature he was the Dem’s go-to guy on public education issues so listen to what he says. Plus, my HISD trustee Anna Eastman also says to vote yes on Proposition One and she knows her you know what.

Yankee players hold the top seven spots for most games played in a World Serious. Try naming the seven. Hint: they have all left us.

Dem Judge Kyle Carter of th 125th Judicial District will begin airing ads on local Telemundo tomorrow. He is the only candidate or campaign running ads on Telemundo. Good for him!

Folks were talking about this NY Times piece yesterday on Latinos and politics. It is a must read here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/23/us/texas-latino-politicians.html?_r=0.

I said last week that this election is in large part about Latinos, so I expect Latinos to show up and vote as Early Voting in Person begins today.

Yogi Berra (75 World Serious games), Mickey Mantle (65), Elston Howard (54), Gil McDougald (53), Hank Bauer (53), Phil Rizzuto (52), and Joe DiMaggio (51) are MLB’s top seven in World Serious games played.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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