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Hombre Loco

You know they had to have gone over the question about accepting the results of the election. His running mate, his daughter, and his campaign manager had all given the proper response. For him to say he will keep America in suspense is absolutely crazy. Like a newsie said last night, he wrote his own headline. Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

Bret Stephens, a Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign-affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal, said that Trump’s answer was “the most disgraceful statement by a presidential candidate in 160 years.”

Since the end of Reconstruction, the United States has never had to question whether federal elections would end with a peaceful transition of power. Now this one man, apparently putting his ego ahead of the good of the nation, brings all that into question before a worldwide audience.

Trump then put an accent on his cringe worthy performance last night when he called Secretary Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” Totally not fit.

Plus, anyone who gets riled over the rigging of the Emmys comment is definitely not fit.

Big Papi ended his career with 541 dingers for number 17 on the all-time career dinger list. Who is number 18 with 536 dingers.

And here is what Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder has to say about the election:

A pair of polls released Tuesday provides further evidence of a scenario I posited would be conceivable back in December of last year, and predicted was possible in May: the Republican Party’s hilariously disastrous decision to nominate Donald Trump for president means that Texas is now in play. According to the Washington Post/Survey Monkey poll, he leads Hillary Clinton by a mere two points. The University of Houston, similarly, puts Trump’s lead at three.


But it occurs to me that the tight race in Texas is evidence against Trump and his apologists. No one’s rigging anything here, in any sense of the word.

Our election laws, and our elections themselves, are largely under Republican control. Further, Republicans have carried all recent statewide elections by whopping margins; Greg Abbott was elected governor, two years ago, by roughly 20 percent. Voter fraud happens occasionally, as I noted in August, but it is vanishingly rare, especially in states like Texas, where Republicans have taken precautions against it. In other words, even if we assume Texas elections are vulnerable to large-scale fraud, it beggars belief to suggest that such shenanigans would be sufficiently common to obliterate the Republican margins we’ve come to suspect. Nor would impending voter fraud explain why the University of Houston poll, which put Romney’s lead at 17 points four years ago, now shows Trump and Clinton in a virtual tie.

Similarly, the fact that I’m in a position to spike the football the way I did above gives the lie to the idea that the media is rigging the election, either by directly colluding with the DNC or, more generally, by having helped prop up Trump thus far. People like Pollak, at Breitbart, can make a plausible argument that the media, writ large, has helped Trump get this far, if only by giving him so much airtime during the Republican primary. But Trump’s boosters can’t make that argument against me: I spent most of this year’s primary trying feverishly to warn Republicans against his nomination.

Here is all of her take: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/election-not-rigged/.

On the HISD Proposition 1, this tweet came out yesterday:

Spooky Evan ‏@evan7257 21h21 hours ago

Mayor Turner raises an interesting point: Groups suing the city for ambitious language on term limits should take a look at HISD vote.

I actually had asked someone in the know about the ballot language and they explained it to me. So I tweeted this:

How would it be phrased differently and LEGALLY?

Then I got this in response:

Spooky Evan ‏@evan7257 18h18 hours ago

@MarcCommentary it should probably have a dollar amount in the language

So then I tweeted this:

@evan7257 you are correct. Then it would go down for sure.

So that is that!

Mickey Mantle of course is number 18 on the all-time career dinger list with 536.

Mickey Mantle who is no longer with us was born 85 years ago today.

I don’t have anything from The Yard today

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