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Commentary read a story last night about a couple of GOP mega donors wanting their money back from the Donald Trump campaign because of what he said on the video tape. Huh? What a couple of dumbarses. Nobody I know was surprised at what Trump said or did on the tape. Folks were surprised it took this long for us to finally see the tape. The two GOP donors are dumbarses for giving to Trump in the first place.

Now that Trump has declared war on the GOP establishment, does anyone think he will actually win? Yuk, yuk, yuk!

Let me see if you are paying attention to the MLB playoffs. Who has the most dingers this post season?

Check this from Fusion.net:

An new expansive report on Hispanics voters out Tuesday found the majority of Hispanic Americans are talking about Donald Trump’s derogatory remarks about immigrants with their family and friends—and they’re planning to vote in November.

The Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends report found serious resonance around Trump’s negative remarks about Hispanic immigrants, with 75% of registered Hispanic voters surveyed reporting they discussed his comments with family, friends, or coworkers over the past year. Nearly the same number say they’ve given the election serious thought, with 74% of saying they’re “absolutely certain” they’ll vote on November 8.

While Trump has polled poorly among Hispanic voters for much of the election, the report frames in stark terms what Republican operatives have been ringing the alarm about for months: that the party isn’t doing well with Hispanic voters, and that Trump’s candidacy could do irreparable harm. (One indicator: In 2004, George W. Bush captured 40% of Hispanic voters’ support, while 27% backed Mitt Romney in 2012. A Univision poll of the Latino vote from September found Trump’s support at less than 20% in three of four key swing states.)

And then this from the Chron on voter registration here in Harris County:

Mi Familia Vota organizers say this election cycle, which has seen Hispanic people put at the center of some vicious debate, has inspired a boom in participation.

“I have seen something I have never seen,” said Carlos Duarte, Texas director for Mi Familia Vota. “Which is, people approaching us with the clear intention to register. In the past, we would have to approach them and explain to them why this is important.”

In recent months in the Houston area, the group has set up voter registration booths at high schools, community colleges, festivals, fairs and church services. It even partnered with several taco trucks to distribute registration forms. The group’s local volunteers turned in 2,700 voter registration forms this year and handed out about 1,000 more.

Mariana Sanchez is chief operating officer for Bonding Against Adversity Inc., which helps legal residents become citizens, then encourages them to become deputized voter registrars.

“Everybody is really aware that they want to participate in this election,” she said.

That is just the tip of a years-long trend that has seen Hispanic voters registering at the fastest rate of any demographic. According to figures from the Harris County Clerk’s office, the number of registered voters with Spanish surnames grew 22 percent between July 2012 and July 2016, while the number the number of voters with non-Spanish surnames grew 10 percent.

“There is an indication that Hispanics were registering to vote at a higher rate than non-Spanish surnames,” said Hector DeLeon, who leads voter outreach at the county clerk’s office.

By October, people with Spanish surnames accounted for 21 percent of Harris County’s registered voters.

Like I said, I am feeling better.

Edwin Encarnacion of the Jays has thee dingers this post season of course.

I think The Yard will be selling dirt from Tal’s Hill – I think.


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